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This site is a photograph and media archive for the Concordia College Choir in Edmonton, Canada (Now Concordia University of Edmonton).  There is also an alumni website here and a Facebook group. I began as a first bass in the choir in the fall of 1988, and left in the spring of 1991, during which time I recorded several of the choir performances as well as the choir’s mini-group, Happy Together. The site is also meant as a continuing memorial to Prof. Gordon Hafso, our conductor.
Keeping in mind the technology I had at the time, the quality will vary. Most of the drawings which accompany this site are from posters made by Bill Quast, an art teacher at Concordia. Enjoy the page!
All of these media files are original works, public domain, or portions of performances qualifying as fair use. For personal, non-commercial use only. Legal notes Updated October 2017
About the Choir

Concordia College was then a Lutheran university in Edmonton, Canada, part of the larger Concordia University group in the USA. The choir was about 70 people in the late 1980s. We used to have a weekend mini-tour in November and a ten-day major tour in April or May, along with occasional church concerts and two large performances a year at First Presbyterian in downtown Edmonton. My chief memory of choir tours was spending far too much time on the bus and the ham-and-scalloped-potatoes that every church seemed to serve us.

HT was a subset of the choir which performed more contemporary music than a traditional choir could. The name Happy Together was fine in the 1960s, but it was more than a little cheesy by our time, so it was usually called HT. They later became Voices in Praise. I was never in HT, and the group sometimes created friction with the rest of the choir. Now those wranglings seem silly, and instead I listen to the music and am struck by how good it was. The director of HT for 1989-90, Christa Haberstock Colson (née Poscente), is now an occasional recording Christian artist. She has a web link here.

I didn’t record the choir my first year. Our Christmas concert was at First Presbyterian in December 1988. It recorded by Matt Day, and I did some remixing later. We made a closed recording on the May 1989 tour in a church in Issaquah, near Seattle. It always irritated me that we would put so much work into those sets, only to have them sold on cheap dollar-store cassettes. My first recording of the choir was in November 1989 when we were in Stony Plain, Alberta, and it was just two microphones hanging from the rafters. For the next two major tours I had my four-track and made better recordings with Corey Haberstock as my assistant. It was impossible to make a good recording at First Presbyterian with their old wiring, and so the Christmas 1990 concert was lost, though the TV recordings survive.

I also made live recordings of H.T. in the Concordia auditorium in April 1990, 91, and 92, except for the 1991 studio recording which Andreas Schwabe made and I mixed. Prof. Hafso was a popular professor and we mourned his passing in 2010, but I like to remember those days on tour of being billeted by quirky church members who would talk endlessly about their dogs or barbed-wire collections. I think about the stupid jokes we made about everything, usually about the effeminacy of the tenors, and about the fact that I first joined choir to meet girls (it didn’t work).

December 1988    
Amen 2:14
Beautiful Savior 3:19
Church Bells 3:59
For Unto Us a Child is Born 5:00
Hallelujah Chorus 4:24
I Wonder as I Wander 4:07
Ring de Christmas Bells 3:52
Where Shepherds Lately Dwelt 3:15
May 1989    
Behold a Host 2:39
Come, Jesus, Come 8:56
Ehre Sei Dir, Christe 2:17
Sicut Cervus 3:30
Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs 2:40
Treasures in Heaven 3:22
Upon This Rock 5:37
Won’t You Say (H.T.) 1:48
December 1989    
A Joyous Christmas Story 1:21
Dream Bethlehem 2:55
Father, Lift Me Up (H.T.) 4:17
Fum, Fum, Fum 1:44
Of Christ We Sing 3:14
O Holy Night 4:49
Said the Angel Unto the Shepherd 2:46
The Radiant Star 4:45
May 1990    
Der Geist Hilft Unswer Schacheit Auf 5:59
Give Ear Unto My Voice 4:00
If You But Trust in God to Guide You 3:09
Mansion Builder (H.T.) 2:56
O Lord the Very Heavens 3:10
Te Deum 9:59
Thee God We Praise 2:12
Wake, Awake 3:57
December 1990    
Gaudete 2:39
Gloria in Excelsis Deo 4:32
Let the Earth With Praise Resound 4:07
Let There Be Praise (H.T.) 2:48
Lo, How a Rose e’er Blooming 2:13
Silent Night 3:50
There’s Been a Happening (H.T.) 3:07
The Shepherd’s Pipe Carol 3:23
May 1991    
Be Not Afraid (Bach Motet No. 4) 8:30
In the Beginning 1:56
Love is Patient and Kind 4:21
O Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee? 3:21
Praise to the Lord 3:49
Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us 2:53
Saul 6:54
The Great Commandment 2:21
Happy Together April 1990    
God is My Rock 1:23
Heaven Came to Earth 2:54
I Have Decided 2:50
Prayer For Peace 1:37
Screen Door 2:16
Happy Together April 1991    
Gotta Do Right 2:26
Parable of the River 5:24
Just As I Am 2:41
Lean on Me 2:53
Sing Over Me 3:48
Yes, Lord, Yes 3:15
You Put This Love in My Heart 2:46
Happy Together April 1992    
And Can It Be 4:10
Christ The Lord is Risen Today 3:52
Somebody’s Gonna Praise His Name 3:40
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