First Presbyterian › May 1989.

I joined late and under protest, telling Professor Hafso, "I can't sing!" But choir was fun and my singing (slightly) improved.

Preparing for Tour › May 1989.

Preparing to leave for Vancouver Island and Seattle. More innocent years when you didn't need passports.

Morning Devotions, Frank › May 1989.

This was the Frank Slide site in southwest Alberta, where 70 people were crushed in an avalanche in 1903. I kept listening for rumbling..

French Beach, Victoria › May 1989.

That night we were so tired we forget a song in concert and Prof. Hafso told the congregation he would "take us out behind the woodshed."

Rock Skipping, Inland B.C. › May 1989.

A stopoff in the woods. "Don't trip on those bleached bones from last year's tour when people stood on the train tracks."

First Morning of Tour › May 1989.

Typically there was a party bus and a couples (movie) bus. But at 8 AM there's not much difference.

Warming Up › May 1989.

We would do these long vocal swoops to stretch our voices. This was really not pleasant for those who were hung over.

Ferry Terminal › May 1989.

Alison and Paul waiting for the ferry to leave. No wonder it was slow when it contained our bus and its 632 suitcases.

Stopoff in the Woods › May 1989.

Girls in the grass, alas. Interior B.C. is very pretty. There's just... too many trees.

Group Shot, Calgary › May 1989.

We got a little squirrelly sitting on those buses all day, and 1/60 of a second is all you get.

French Beach, Victoria › May 1989.

Jim and Corey doing a Sears pose. "No one told us there would be seagulls at the beach!"

Bus Stopoff, B.C. › May 1989.

Mitzi, Mike, and Paul by the bus. There was always someone on tour with a guitar seemingly crazy-glued to them.

Before the Concert › May 1989.

Even though there were 68 people covering for you in a choir, I always found getting ready to go on stressful.

Ferry Wind › May 1989.

The wind was a little bracing on the Tsawwassen ferry to Victoria. I get a little worn out just trying to pronounce "Tsawwassen."

Brent & Kim on Ferry › May 1989.

More ferry wind, and what better time for a disco point.

Jim & Lynn on Ferry › May 1989.

Well, being ripped off the ferry by wind blasts is one excuse for staying close together.

Vancouver Island › May 1989.

Todd, Veda, Blair, and Cindy with an ocean view. Smile pretty.

Morning Jeff Story › May 1989.

Every morning we would hear a funny story. It would have to be pretty bloody funny at 8 AM.

Victoria Ferry Docks › May 1989.

I recognize Michelle, Corey, and Jim. We made the most of Victoria after an Alberta winter.

1989-90 Choir Portrait › Sep 1989.

We have probably all forgotten what a hassle transporting 70 robes everywhere was.

Beach Corner, Alberta › Nov 1989.

Jim, Kent, and Colin before the concert. "So nice to have you join our leetle paarty.."

H.T. Practice, Beach Corner › Nov 1989.

H.T. tended to be late for supper because of extra rehearsals. That's why they were all so slim!

On Tour in Winnipeg › Apr 1990.

Darren playing hacky-sack outside the church in Winnipeg. We all got rather antsy when the rain stopped.

Oxbow, Saskatchewan › Apr 1990.

Tracey and Stacey by the river. There's more to Saskatchewan than grainfields. Not much more, but more.

Shopping Mall, Saskatoon › Apr 1990.

A stopoff in scenic, freezing Saskatoon. I always have to say this: Because I'm Canadian it doesn't mean I like winter.

Blair, Andrea, and Michelle in Winnipeg › Apr 1990.

We had an afternoon before the concert. A brave attempt at sunbathing in a Canadian summer.

Winnipeg Church › Apr 1990.

Hanging out in front of the church before the concert. No smartphones to amuse ourselves with in 1990!

Kristen & Ken, Winnipeg › Apr 1990.

That year we had Christas, Kristas, Kristens, Kirstens, and Christines. I'm a little glad my friend Crystal decided not to join.

H.T. Practice › Apr 1990.

Cowboy hats, pastel t-shirts, and bright pink jumpsuits. No wonder everyone needed sunglasses all the time in the late 80s!

Michelle and Heidi, Winnipeg › Apr 1990.

As I remember, the girls spent much of the afternoon sitting on the well. Can I say it again: no smartphones in 1990.

H.T. Rehearsing, First Presbyterian › Apr 1990.

At the end of choir tour people are starting to stand farther apart after not so many baths.

Kent's Party › Apr 1990.

Only choir people can get this silly with surprisingly little drinking.

Kent's Party Flop-Down › Apr 1990.

Todd, Blair, Michelle, and Sherry, evidently taken during a short earthquake.

Heidi & Andrea at Kent's Party › Apr 1990.

I'm not sure what they're all looking at. Perhaps Sherry was still on the floor.

Halloween Party Pose › Oct 1990.

Halloween at Christa and Michelle's house. Two years later I would live in Hawaii. Being around hula girls was better than dressing like one.

Deb & Twila at Halloween Party › Oct 1990.

For a girl to wear a costume with giant grapes is asking for choir-sized jokes, but she did it.

Halloween Party › Oct 1990.

Ken was already in the reserves and just came in his work clothes. Good thing he was not a garbageman.

Dave at Halloween Party › Oct 1990.

I admit to dressing as a girl for a few Halloweens, and gaining appreciation for women who wear pantyhose in late October.

Spring Tour Bus › Apr 1991.

That was my last tour, and I remember spending most of the time on the bus. I think the route map was drawn with a Spirograph.

Blair Being Abducted › Apr 1991.

We drew felt markers all over his chest. Tour brings out the Lord of the Flies in some men.

Waterfall, Interior B.C. › Apr 1991.

Not sure why a waterfall made the girls so giddy, though getting off that stupid bus made anyone feel heroic.

Forest Lunch Stop › Apr 1991.

Our tour manager, Jeanette, was a teensy overprotective. I think she wanted to keep us away from roads.

Playground Lunch, B.C. › Apr 1991.

The 1991 tour seemed to be the 'guitar tour' as someone was always playing one. Not always well, but playing.