These are English learning handouts I have made or adapted for my Korean students. If you need help with writing, or you are a language teacher and need classroom materials, have a look. I have created some of these handouts, but I have also adapted material from the grammar site at Purdue and the UNLV writing center. All handouts here are for educational use only. You can also see my video series or buy my textbook.
Beginning learners of a foreign language are tempted to believe that grammar is all you need to learn. Native-born speakers are tempted to believe they know it already.
Articles A & The
Avoiding Konglish
Countable & Uncountable Nouns
Number Agreement
Pronouns & Referents
If you plan out your writing in advance, you’re less likely to have a paper that wanders or runs out of ideas. Here’s some help on practical issues of organizing content and formatting.
Common Writing Problems
Personal Statements
Thesis Statements
Writing Process for Research
Punctuation is a nuisance, but it needs to be right in order to make the meaning of your sentences clear, especially in a language like English where word order is so important.
Colons & Semicolons
Fragments & Run-ons
Other Punctuation
Punctuation Exercise
Backing up your arguments with external support gives your writing authority and credibility. Here’s how to incorporate and format your sources while avoiding plagiarism.
APA Title Pages
APA In-Text Citation
APA List of References
MLA Title Pages
MLA In-Text Citation
MLA Works Cited
The ‘deeper grammar’ of writing is building proficiency in vocabulary and phrasing. Here are some handouts to help with developing a stronger and clearer tone in your writing.
Academic Tone
Faulty Logic
Misplaced Modifiers
Parallel Construction
Passive Voice for Koreans
Grammar handouts can get pretty dry if that’s all you do in class. If you're a teacher yourself, here are some activities and articles that will get individual or group brains to work.
Aliens Attack
Ask the Love Doctor
Do Me a Favor
During and Since
Feel Old Yet?
Robin Hood Morality Test