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There are many textbooks to help students write in English, but fewer deal with writing at the scholarly level. This is a book which deals with academic research paper writing and is designed primarily for Korean post-secondary writers. This book introduces and explains to the undergraduate or graduate student how to better plan, research, write, and edit an academic argument paper in MLA/APA format.

I’ve kept my original class version here, but you can now buy the full published book!

Available in print and Kindle versions

Writing Videos (hosted on )

Episode 1: Introduction • Download
Episode 2: Thesis Statements • Download
Episode 3: Planning • Download
Episode 4: Grammar & Formatting • Download
Episode 5: Grammar for New Learners 1 • Download
Episode 6: Grammar for New Learners 2 • Download
Episode 7: Arguments & Evidence • Download
Episode 8: External Support • Download
Episode 9: Editing • Download