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Sadly, I missed the Edmonton Concordia Grad ‘85 reunion held in July 2005. I was teaching and living in Korea, and travelling 8,300 km for a weekend was impossible. If the reunion were only three weeks later I would have been there anyway as I was getting married in Edmonton. Que es la vida. The best thing I can do instead is to connect to other alumni with this page and with Facebook, in the hope that you will see some fun memories on it. I think about the people I went to Concordia with often and encourage people to message me. Hopefully we don’t have to think in multiples of twenty years the next time we have reunions.

There is no Concordia High School anymore, and to me the Concordia University of Edmonton which remains is a colder institution than it was in the days when we barely needed ID cards because everyone knew who you were anyway; typically, no one asked for input on the reunion date. But for the people who were there in the 80’s, there is still a bond and a connection.

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Bruce Braham passed away in October 2006. He joins Shonda Jardine (d. 2003) and Deb Hagglund (d. 1987) as deceased alumni. My continuing condolences to their families and my hopes that I won’t have to add to this list anytime soon.

Blake Havard’s pages at Myspace and Reverbnation

Jean Greer-McCarthy’s page at Myspace.

Paul Horsman’s keyboard playing in Contemporary Christian band Reach.

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Things we didn’t have in 1985

As far as I remember, in 1985 in Edmonton there were no Burger Kings, Wendy’s, Taco Bells, video rental stores, software stores, Wal-Marts, Future Shops, Subways, Imax theatres, Buffalo wings, computer mice, E-mail or internet services, Twitter, SNS, bank machines, direct payment machines, home shopping channels, computer viruses, compact discs, gameboys, Mp3 players, DVDs, smartphones, or digital cameras. And by gadfrey, we liked it that way!
What have I been up to for 33 years?

After high school I worked in a camera store for two years and then returned to Concordia. During that time I joined the choir, stayed in dorm, played drums in a rock band, and earned a highly employable BA in English. In the early 90s I volunteered in Hawaii as a clerk for a missionary organization and attended grad school in Montana. In the late 90s I went to Memorial University in Newfoundland, where I majored in alcohol and chasing women and graduated with an MA in Old English. In 2002 I taught in Mexico for a year and then moved to Korea, where I taught teachers and committed marriage. I completed a PhD program at UNLV in Las Vegas, and in 2009 I returned to Korea. I am now an English professor at Hanyang University in Ansan, Korea in 2014. We have one daughter. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run... you missed the starting gun. (Pink Floyd)

Now what am I going to do with my box of hoarded Rock into Guinness buttons?