Bryan & Ruth › May 1983.

Try to learn to share that frisbee.

Carolyn, Christine, Ruth & Deanna on the Lawn › May 1983.

Gaynor, Jen, and Jean Stretttching › 1983.

Brent Kilback & his Mac › 1984.

How we drooled at the time over Brent's r’ally, really expensive ’Moose.’

Dr. Willie, Elaine, and Spyro › October 1984.

That Rock into Guinness poster helps date a lot of pictures!

Daniel P. on Talent Night › November 1984.

Dan seemed to wear clothing like that with alarming regularity.

Lynn Hopcraft at Talent Show › November 1984.

Roland and Paul at Talent Show › November 1984.

Roland directing his student away from an accident. With me acting wouldn’t have been necessary!

Schnellerts at Talent Show › November 1984.

They would take a lot of time to set up to build suspense. Years later I realized synthesizers don’t need much tuning.

Surveying Expedition for Math 30 › Fall 1984.

"If we put a coin in it, will we see some bikini girls?"

Paul, Cathy, Don, & Bruce in Class › Fall 1984.

Mike & Maria in Class › Fall 1984.

Math 30 Class › Fall 1984.

These pictures are from the yearbook, lest anyone think I wanted myself photographed learning quadratics.

Shonda Screams, Harold & Maude › March 1985.

Shonda reacts to Harold’s mock-suicide. I’m still amazed Concordia let us do that play.

Cast of Harold & Maude › March 1985.

I may never know who that seal was.

Andrew and Elaine on Campus Clean-up Day › May 1985.

What are you two doing in the bushes, anyway?

Paul and Roland on Campus Clean-up Day › May 1985.

Amazing anything got done with all the fooling around we did.

Brenda Brooks on Campus Clean-up Day › May 1985.

Tina, Brenda Brooks, and Cheryl on Clean-up Day. And mysterious bare-chesty stranger (probably Mike).

Baccalaureate at St. Paul’s › May 1985.

Maria, Bruce, and Jean entering the church at the baccalaureate service, May 18, 1985.

Jeff Holding the Concordia Cross at Commencement › May 1985.

Granting of Diplomas › May 1985.

My math teacher, Mr. Klann, was reading. “Let me tell you what Ken was like in my class."

Cathy at Commencement › May 1985.

We all look so august. I imagine the hangovers some of us had helped lend solemnity to the occasion.

Commencement Speeches › May 1985.

I always tell my communications students, “No one has ever complained that a graduation speech was too short."

Grad Banquet › May 1985.

Deanna, Carolyn, Ok-Sun, and Leta at the graduation banquet.

Religion 10 video › October 1982.

Steven & Bruce reading the news.

Dawn and Jeff on graduation day › May 1985.

Yes, it’s a real diploma; no coloring-in needed.

Graduation day › May 1985.

Shonda, Lila, Cathy, Jean and Miriam.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Lila, Ross, & Jean. If they look a little dazed.. well, videocameras were new then.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.


Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Bryan & Mike likely experiencing a Slurpee sugar-rush.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Tim, Deanna, Frog, playing Trivial Pursuit. It’s a real pursuit to play anything at 4 AM.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Blake and Neil’s ’Rock-a-dials’ jam.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Some of the exchange students.

Wake-a-Thon › March 1985.

Brent and Deb, discussing all-night parking.

Blake, Mitch & Karl › July 2005.

Fast forward 20 years to the Concordia reunion of 2005.

Group in Front of Eberhardt › July 2005.

Guys in Front of Eberhardt › July 2005.

Group Wide View › July 2005.

Jean, Stephanie & Ross › July 2005.

Jeff & Carolyn › July 2005.

Jeff, Susan & Lila › July 2005.

Maria, Blake & Bryan › July 2005.

Blake Playing Guitar › July 2005.

Natasha, Andrew & Dave › July 2005.

Paul Explaining › July 2005.

Sam, Leta, Mitch & Don › July 2005.

Stephanie, Jean & Tina › July 2005.