Concordia Grad ‘85 Videos
Re-encoded December 2012. If anyone has other videos please tell me. Alternatively, if you really don’t want people seeing you on the internet, let me know. The video quality in these clips is generally, uh, not good. Remember, no digital video in 1985!

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Religion 10 Bible Challenge
October 1982 • 2:11 • Save
Video project for Dan Thurber’s class. Here Roland and I lose it in a bible quiz game show.
Citrolux Motors
September 1983 • 1:28 • Save
Paul’s auto promo. For the school to let us get our grubby hands on their videocamera wasn’t a safe idea.
Religion 10 LUKE News
October 1982 • 4:37 • Save
Stephen and Bruce read the day’s news.
Grad ’85 Slide Show
May 1985 • 16:07 • Save
I would like to know who made it so I could credit them, and apologize for the terrible quality...
Commencement Super 8 Film
May 1985 • 1:58 • Save
A fuzzy film clip of grads I made after the commencement service.
Grad Procession Video
May 1985 • 3:30 • Save
So far as I know, this was the first time the service was taped.
Scene from Harold & Maude
May 1985 • 23:54 • Save
A scene from Scott Hafso’s play, with Shonda playing a lazy maid and Jean an overdoting mother.
Blake’s Rock-o-Dials
March 1985 • 14:06 • Save
Blake and Neil’s late-night slurpee-powered jam session at the Wake-a-Thon.
Concordia Wake-a-Thon
March 1985 • 23:53 • Save
Some footage from the all-night annex wakeathon, with Jean’s stuffed dog and Mike Borger’s bum!