My Attempts at Art

I don't wear a beret— my French is lousy— I don't have strange obsessions or a fiery temper— I'm not a raging alcoholic— I don't have some odd physical deformity other than everyday homeliness— man, I have the makings of a bad artist.

However, I have a web page and Toulouse-Latrec didn't. So there. Here are some of my creations over the years. Don't go looking for some esoteric statement on how it means man's existential angst or something; it's just for looking at. Oh, bidding starts at $1 million apiece (preferably in small bills, please).


0 & 1, 1995 Six Apples, 1982 Morning Makeup, 2004 Disco Street, 1999 Don't Worry About It, 1992 Double Lawn, 2000 Macdonald Strait, 1999 Medicine Hat Valley, 2000 Flats Memories, 2000 Primal, 2003



Cartoons I've Drawn

When I was a boy I used to draw pads and pads of cartoon strips. For a while, my career goal was to be a cartoonist, until I eventually lost interest and I turned to more realistic occupations, such as Mars astronaut or international rock star. Here are a few.    


August 1981
December 1981
February 1982
April 1982
June 1982
June 1987
Fall 1988


The End