At Kenco you can rely on state of the art Isobit networking support for all of your integrated source access database and J-spec incorporation standards along with leading edge ASA9030™ industry certification. Our 2400 and 9600 baud networks are there for you when the going gets tough. Because we know data is the marmalade which powers your toast.

We at Kenco know that data protection and security is a top priority for any successful business. Because of this, all of our online network systems and servers are in a secure location undisclosed to anyone. Even to us. We have no idea where they are. That's how serious we are about your data.

We at Kenco are aware that business runs on trust. Trust us for I.T. solutions. Trust us with your sports car. Trust us with your daughter. We'll have your I.T. home by midnight. We'll stay away from the cheap hotel of downtime and lost productivity.