Ken’s Cheesy Films

Before video cameras were common, people used to film with movie cameras, which used three-and-a-half minute reels of 8mm or Super 8 film. I began in 1980 and even up to 2003 I made short animated films with plasticene, paper cutouts, or people. I was a straaaaange kid. Enjoy!

A film I made on paper when I was ten.
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If you came here from my Concordia page, you may have seen some of these films when I screened them at talent shows in the 80’s. I would like to enter these films in animation festivals in the future, and I once did enter Seoul’s SICAF festival.

About ten years ago I completed digitizing the films and adding music and effects. I don’t shoot anymore, as the film is now scarce and expensive, but hopefully you will enjoy my selection of these films and will enjoy their low-tech charm; I’ve tried not to make them look too finished.