Here are some photographs which have a sort of artistic beauty to me. I don't have some fantastic DSLR, though I do have a decent Canon digital. Don't be intimidated by camera Nazis. Here is my basic rule to taking good pictures: take lots. Through dumb luck, a few of them will be great. One picture in the gallery was taken on a pocket 126 camera in 1982. Several were shot on 35mm film. The recent ones (after 2003) are all digital photos.

The best way to shoot wildlife.



Tilt Shift Photography
I became interested in tilt shift photography by seeing Australian photographer Keith Loutit's website. The technique involves photo-manipulating focus and contrast to make the picture look like a photo of tiny toy miniatures. I'm not claiming my images and video are professional, but it is a fun technique which "smallifies" your world. Music is from my own recordings.

Poza Rica, Boracay, Ko-Phi-Phi
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Pismo, Multnomah, Vegas
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Singapore & Bali
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Keimyung University, Daegu
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Myeongdong, Seoul
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Songdo Beach, Busan
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Sunset, Daegu
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Daffodil & Bee, Gangnae,
  Korea › May 2004. Countertop Radio, St. John's ›
  June 1998. Sunset at Lake Isle, Alberta ›
  September 1982. Graduation Day, Memorial
  University, St. John's › October 2001. Enrique's Ranch Cactus, Poza
  Rica, Mexico › March 2002. Dinner Moon, Daegu › October
  2010. Window Frost, Songdo, Korea ›
  January 2015. Paul's Drive Home, Edmonton ›
  August 2013. Glenn's Wipeout, Lake Isle,
  Alberta › June 1987. Noksapyeong Rainy Night, Seoul ›
  August 2017. Butterfly Morning, Incheon ›
  July 2017. Fern Leaves, Guimaras Island,
  Philippines › February 2004. Jagalchi Fish, Busan, Korea ›
  May 2003. Frozen Fountain, Jeju Island,
  Korea › October 2004. Love Locks, Suseong-Gu, Daegu,
  Korea › February 2014. Klondike Days at Night, Edmonton
  › July 1997. Morning in Ward, Seoul ›
  February 2017. Canal Goose Soft, Ansan ›
  May 2017. Metro Hotel Backyard, San
  Francisco › June 2008. Nanciyaga Canoes, Catemaco,
  Mexico › August 2002. Jeepney, Sabang, Philippines ›
  February 2004. Morning Dewy Clover, Songdo, Korea ›
  October 2015. Dad's MG, Edmonton › July 2004. Tea's Ready, Poza Rica, Mexico ›
  January 2002. Hannara Chains, Busan, Korea ›
  July 2003. Cross on Patio, Las Vegas ›
  March 2008. Juice over California › May 2009. Ellerslie Canola Field, Edmonton
  › July 2001. Fireworks & People, Edmonton
  › July 1989. Dad's Wire Sculpture, Lake Isle,
  Alberta › August 2004. Kim & Mark's Wedding,
  Fredericton, Canada › August 2004. Shade on Picnic Table, Lake
  Isle, Alberta › July 2005. Sleepy Cats, Las Vegas › May 2009. Afternoon Coffee near Ehwa, Seoul › January 2016. Persimmon Wine Tunnel, Daegu › July
  2013. Grape Plate, Poza Rica, Mexico ›
  January 2002. Itaewon Bibimbap, Seoul ›
  May 2017. Sunny Field, Ansan ›
  May 2017. Natural Architect, St. John's ›
  July 2000. Figurines, Hue, Vietnam ›
  February 2005. Concordia Graduation, Edmonton ›
  May 1991. Cafe Myunga, Nampo-Dong, Busan ›
  December 2011. Balcony Flower, Daegu › March
  2010. Stone Bowl Rice, Taean, Korea › August
  2015. The Southwest Life, Las Vegas ›
  June 2007. Hummingbird Hawk Moth, Mulwangri,
  Korea › October 2015. Fire at 1/2000, Lake Isle,
  Alberta › October 1986. Bass Player, Concordia College,
  Edmonton › November 1990. Dropped Rock, Lake Isle, Alberta
  › October 1986. Harbor from Restaurant, Busan,
  Korea › July 2011. Blueberry Picking, St. John's ›
  September 2000. Antique Store Bathroom, Incheon ›
  September 2016. Beer Froth, Ansan, Korea ›
  October 2016. Backyard Dandelions, Lake Isle ›
  June 2008. Sunset over Pacific ›
  July 2010. Glasses Glow, Paris ›
  July 2012. Shibuya Happy Bug, Tokyo ›
  July 2017. Tokyo Plaza Mirrors ›
  July 2017. Chicago from Hancock Building. Taxco, Mexico. Downtown Cambridge, England. London Train Station, England. Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea. Downtown Edinburgh at Night. St. Pierre, near Newfoundland. Chicago from Hancock Building. Edinburgh, Scotland. St. John's Regatta, Newfoundland. Bryce Canyon, Utah. Busan, Korea. Rai Leh, near Krabi, Thailand. Cambridge University, England. Incense Statue, Bali, Indonesia. King's College, Cambridge, England. Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea. Chicago through Skyscrapers. Rural Vietnam from the Train. St. John's Street, Newfoundland. Devonport, near Auckland, New