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Course Outlines for Spring 2018

Here are the working course syllabi (.pdf) for the courses I’m teaching this spring:

Optional: Writing Academic Papers in English: for Korean Writers (Kenneth Eckert) (Amazon, Free Readings 1, 2, 3, 4)

Questions? Reply here, or e-mail me:

Final Papers

Papers for Brit Soc & Lit I / Brit Contemp Novels are due Wednesday, June 15 by e-mail: ken-hany-email-big


  • Papers should be 900-1000 words
  • Papers should be correct MLA format
  • Papers should have quotations from at least three English-language secondary sources (Korean ones are fine in addition to three English ones)
  • Papers should have an MLA Works Cited list
  • Part of the paper grade will be based on quoted evidence

Final Exams

A reminder for final exams for June 2016:

  • British Society & Literature I: Wednesday, June 15, 10:30-12:00
  • British Contemporary Novels: Wednesday, June 15, 3:00-4:30
  • Campus Vision & Career has no exam but the final project is due Wed, June 15.

No electronic devices or smartphones will be allowed, but paper dictionaries are welcome.

Presentations for this week (May 17-19)

Presentations for this week (May 17-19)

British Society & Literature 1

  • Group 5: Wilde believed that art couldn’t be judged morally; it was only beautiful or not. Is this true?
  • Group 6: Does Dorian have an actual personality disorder or psychological illness?
  • Group 11: Is there “lookism” in Dorian Gray? Does Oscar Wilde condemn this?
  • Response groups: Groups 2, 4, 8

British Society and Contemporary Novels

  • Group 4 (response group 3): The novel’s inconsistent narration; how does it affect how personal relationships are described?