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Course Outlines for Spring 2018

Here are the working course syllabi (.pdf) for the courses I’m teaching this spring:

Optional: Writing Academic Papers in English: for Korean Writers (Kenneth Eckert) (Amazon, Free Readings 1, 2, 3, 4)

Questions? Reply here, or e-mail me:

Peer Edit

For British Society & Lit 1 and Shakespeare:

Remember to bring 3 copies in print of your paper, in progress, for peer edit. The peer edit day is included as an in-class writing assignment.

  • Brit Soc & Lit 1 meets Wednesday, June 14 for peer edit.
  • Shakespeare class meets Thursday, June 15 for peer edit.

Wikipedia Articles

Here are some of the Wikipedia entries by the involved groups. Please remember that your entries cannot be like essays– they must be objective and include cited references for all claims. Pages may change as other editors alter information– which is how Wikipedia works.

I won’t evaluate these pages for a few days in case groups wish to do some last improvements!

  1. Dorian Gray (character)
  2. Montjoy (character)
  3. Dark Lady (character)
  4. Ferdinand (The Tempest)

Final Exam Schedule

British Society & Literature 1

  • The final will be Wednesday, June 21 at 3:00-4:30. Papers are due Friday night, June 16.


  • The final will be Monday, June 19 at 10:30-12:00. Papers are due Friday night, June 16.

PBL Vision & Career

  • There is no final exam; there is only a paper project due Thursday, June 15 (paper or e-mail)

E-mail address: 

Wikipedia Project

— Students working on the Wikipedia course project —

  • The final due date for the group project is Thursday, June 8.
  • Please don’t send me a report! Send only your link to your (more or less) finished web page.
  • Here is an example I wrote myself: Seoullo_7017_Skypark 
  • Remember that you are writing an encyclopedia entry and not an essay. Do not include your personal opinion; include only facts and arguments made by sources you can cite.
  • A long entry with no references will quickly be deleted by other editors; a shorter entry is better if every major statement is backed up with a citation (see the one I wrote).
  • Do your best; I know this is the first time students have tried this in my classes.

British Soc. & Lit. 1: Course Paper Project

Course Paper Project for British Society & Literature 1

Topics already approved 

  1. Dorian: Do Basil, Henry, and Dorian represent moral, immoral, and naive natures?
  2. P&P: Mr. Bennet is a poor father. Why?
  3. Dorian: How do hedonism and morality conflict/co-exist in Dorian’s thinking?
  4. P&P: Are the younger Bennet girls looking for a substitute father by being boy-crazy?
  5. P&P: Elizabeth’s ‘bravery’ in relationships; how does she show courage, and why?
  6. Merchant: Portia pretends to be weak but leads the relationship with Bassanio.
  7. Dorian: Lord Henry’s attitude towards free love is actually a good and progressive one.
  8. Dorian: Does Dorian cause his own downfall, or do others bring it about?
  9. Merchant: Shylock and Jessica’s father-daughter relationship: why does she run away?
  10. Merchant: Bassanio can be a calculating and selfish man by valuing Portia’s money.
  11. P&P: Charlotte is the most snobbish character in the novel.
  12. Dorian: What does the relationship triangle of Basil, Henry, and Dorian mean?
  13. P&P: Mrs. Bennet’s materialism– is it only all about money for her?
  14. P&P: How and from who does Elizabeth mentally construct her view of marriage?
  15. Merchant: Why Shylock is a typical villain and why/how he is important in the play.
  16. Merchant: For Antonio to break his contract with Shylock is unreasonable.
  17. Dorian: Why does Dorian relate his life and express his feelings through art and plays?
  18. Dorian: How do Basil and Henry guide Dorian? Could Basil have saved him?
  19. Dorian: Henry is a ‘shadowy ruler’ who ruins Dorian.
  20. Merchant: It’s more than friendship–what relationship do Antonio and Bassanio have?

Write an MLA format argument paper of about 800 words on one (or more) of the course texts: Merchant of Venice, Pride & Prejudice, Dorian Gray, medieval / Victorian romance / poetry. Try to discuss an issue or theme which explains the text(s); simply comparing two characters is often boring unless the comparison tells us something meaningful. Feel free to look at the blog questions or think about the presentations for ideas.

Due date, on paper: Thursday, June 1, in class (e-mail attachments won’t be accepted)

  1. The paper must state an argument with examples and reasons, focused on the text.
  2. It’s OK if you use evidence or history from the time period of the text to help explain it, so long as your emphasis is on the text. Do not write a paper which is really about your best friend or about K-Pop.
  3. The paper must quote from the text to prove your arguments. If your paper has three irrelevant quotes I will assume you didn’t read the text. Use short quotes rather than padding the paper with useless long quotes.
  4. Important!: Here is how the paper will work. You will e-mail me (keneckert @ hanyang. ac. kr) a 70+ word proposal, where you will describe what you are going to discuss and what question or argument you are going to answer or prove in your paper. You should do this soon, because: a) I won’t accept a paper without an accepted proposal; and b) once a proposal is accepted, no other student can write on the same argument. For this reason your proposal needs to be specific. I will reject vague, one-sentence proposals saying, e.g. “I will write about why Wickham is bad.” How and why is he bad? How will you prove it?
  • Your second paper in this course will be a revision of this first paper, due on the last day of classes by e-mail (Thursday, June 15); after I grade it, you will edit and improve the paper.
  • We will be spending the last six classes discussing how to write, research, and edit academic argument papers (May 18 – June 7).
  • Refer to the “Files” heading on this site for an example of MLA formatting. We’ll discuss this in class as well.
  • Grading will be on four criteria: Grammar; structure; argumentation, and text support (quoting). Each draft is worth 15%.

Wikipedia Group Topics

Wikipedia Projects

Here are some suggested pages which groups might create or edit. I would like each group to decide on a page and propose to me what they would like to do with it before I approve their work– by Monday, May 8.

  • Each group member should complete the Google project survey and create a Wikipedia ID.

British Society & Lit 1

  • Group 4 (extra credit): Merchant of Venice
    (Ideas: Bassanio; Gratiano; Portia; Lorenzo; Nerissa; Jessica; Tubal; Gobbo; Il Pecorone; Belmont)
  • Group 5: Picture of Dorian Gray
    (Ideas: Lippincott’s Magazine; Dorian; Basil; Lord Henry; Sibyl Vane; Vivian Grey; “The Artist as Critic”; “Criticism” section of The Picture of Dorian Gray; “Cultural References” section of The Picture of Dorian Gray; Themes and Motifs: Add “Guilt” or “Sin”


  • Group 5: Henry V
    (Ideas: Michael Williams; Doll Tearsheet; Alice; Montjoy; Monsieur le Fer; Harfleur (expand and make Henry V description a separate section); Henry V (Character); Katharine (Character); Add “Cultural References” section
  • Group 1: Poems & Sonnets
    (Ideas: Dark Lady; Procreation Sonnets; Choose one of the minor sonnets with a short page and fill it out)
  • Group 11: The Tempest
    (Ideas: Prospero; Ferdinand; Caliban; Sebastian; Gonzalo; Stephano; Trinculo; Naufragium (1523); Full Fathom Five)

Wikipedia Presentation Thu Apr 27

Sociology professor Piotr Konieczny will be teaching the Shakespeare class on Thursday, April 27 at 12:00-1:30; he will lecture on using Wikipedia’s article editor and on the educational uses of Wikipedia generally.

Group members in British Society & Lit 1 are invited to come to the lecture to learn how to use the Wikipedia editor.

  • Shakespeare class: Groups 1, 5, and 11 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • British Soc & Lit 1: Groups 4 (smaller project, extra credit) and 5 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • All groups: Remember that you still need to lead Q&A after live presentations

Every member: Please fill in the anonymous project survey at Google Forms