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Writing English Essays – Books

Writing English Essays (Graduate Seminar)

I’m sorry that I am still having problems finding a source for the class to buy the course texts. The SU bookstore is not being cooperative in finding these books. Here are websites you can order these books from, in print or e-book versions:

  1. Writing Academic Papers in English: for Korean Writers (Kenneth Eckert) (AmazonWhatthebook, Barnes & Noble)
  2. Elements of Academic Style: Writing for the Humanities (Eric Hayot) (AmazonWhatthebookKyobo Books)

We’re going to be working on chapter 2 of Writing Academic Papers tomorrow (Thursday). For now, please use This pdf file to study from– you can print it or view it.

Writing English Essays – Syllabus

ECD 8018: Writing English Essays (Graduate Seminar) (Fall 2017)

Here is the course syllabus: 2017-9 Writing English Essays 8018 Syllabus

We’ll be using these texts. You can buy the print or e-book version:

  1. Writing Academic Papers in English: for Korean Writers (Kenneth Eckert) (Amazon, Whatthebook)
  2. Elements of Academic Style: Writing for the Humanities (Eric Hayot) (Amazon, Whatthebook, Kyobo Books)

Reminder: Papers Due Sun Dec 18

A reminder! All papers in all courses are due Sunday, December 18 before midnight, by e-mail. Late papers will have grades deducted by the day.

Writing English Essays (Graduate): Papers must have an abstract, lit review, and references.

British Society & Lit 2: Papers must quote from and list in the references at least three external sources besides the primary text.

General advice for all papers: Prove your claims with quotations; generally, having more short quotations is better than a few long ones.

Writing English Essays (Blog Post 2): Peer Edit

Writing English Essays (Blog Post 2): Peer Edit Response

Please write about two paragraphs, or 200 words, thinking about the peer edit we did in class September 29. Sample ideas: What did you do?– Was it productive?– What did you learn about your writing?– What did you learn about other people’s writing?– How would you do it different next time?

Writing English Essays: Proposals

Writing English Essays: Proposals

Please either e-mail me, or post here, a one-page proposal of the argument paper you would like to write for the course.

It’s of course understood that your final paper will not exactly match your proposal. Your writing process will naturally cause you to see new connections in your topic. But I would like to have a fair idea of your topic and what you wish to prove or discuss in it before approving it or not, and I’ll reserve the right to decline proposals if they are vague or unsuitable.

Have a happy Chuseok!

Writing English Essays: Writing Diagnostic

Writing diagnostic for Writing English Essays (Grad Seminar): Due Thursday, Sept. 8

Please write about two paragraphs on the following topic we discussed in class: Choose a historical figure you are interested in who lived at least 200 years ago. You and he/she go for a tour of Seoul, and take a metro train. When the person asks how the train moves, or how the lights work, you need to explain electricity. What is electricity, and how will you make this person understand it in terms he or she knows?

Courses for Fall 2016

British Society & Literature 2 (1900-2000) – Download syllabus

  • Texts: Dubliners, James Joyce; Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams; A Pale View of Hills, Kazuo Ishiguro

Understanding British & American Fiction – Download syllabus

  • Texts: Macbeth, Shakespeare; The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald; Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling

Writing English Essays (Graduate Seminar) – Download syllabus

The Free Writing Manual (all courses)

Writing English Essays: Syllable Revision

Hello all. I would like to make a minor revision in our syllabus. I think we might go a little faster on the issues of basic structure, and spend more time on evidence and quotation, based on the skill levels and needs of our group. Please message me if this isn’t clear.

Date                           Text        Lecture                                 Activity                          Assigns

  • Mon Sep 7           Ch. 1      Introduction; purposes     Diagnostic
  • Mon Sep 14         Ch. 2      Planning, outlining             Sample essays             Blog post 1
  • Mon Sep 21         Ch. 3      Thesis arguments              Practice, discussion
  • Mon Oct 5            Ch. 4      Structure                             Peer edit                       Blog post 2
  • Mon Oct 12          Ch. 5      Rhetoric and evidence      Sample essays             Paper due
  • Mon Oct 19          Ch. 6      Researching sources         Review of papers
  • Mon Oct 26         Ch. 7      Reference systems             Workshop                     Blog post 3
  • Mon Nov 2           Ch. 8      In-text citation                    Sample essays
  • Mon Nov 9           Ch. 9      Quotation and citation      Workshop
  • Mon Nov 16         Ch. 9      Paraphrasing, ethics          Workshop, peer edit  Blog post 4
  • Mon Nov 23        Ch. 10    Editing Workshop                                                      Paper due
  • Mon Nov 30        Ch. 11    Abstracts and lit reviews    Review of papers
  • Mon Dec 7           Ch. 12    Presenting, other writing   Peer edit                      Blog post 5
  • Mon Dec 14         Ch. 14    Resumes                              Conference
  • TBA                       Final exam                                           Exam                            Paper due