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Wikipedia Projects

Here are some suggested pages which groups might create or edit. I would like each group to decide on a page and propose to me what they would like to do with it before I approve their work– by Monday, May 8.

  • Each group member should complete the Google project survey and create a Wikipedia ID.

British Society & Lit 1

  • Group 4 (extra credit): Merchant of Venice
    (Ideas: Bassanio; Gratiano; Portia; Lorenzo; Nerissa; Jessica; Tubal; Gobbo; Il Pecorone; Belmont)
  • Group 5: Picture of Dorian Gray
    (Ideas: Lippincott’s Magazine; Dorian; Basil; Lord Henry; Sibyl Vane; Vivian Grey; “The Artist as Critic”; “Criticism” section of The Picture of Dorian Gray; “Cultural References” section of The Picture of Dorian Gray; Themes and Motifs: Add “Guilt” or “Sin”


  • Group 5: Henry V
    (Ideas: Michael Williams; Doll Tearsheet; Alice; Montjoy; Monsieur le Fer; Harfleur (expand and make Henry V description a separate section); Henry V (Character); Katharine (Character); Add “Cultural References” section
  • Group 1: Poems & Sonnets
    (Ideas: Dark Lady; Procreation Sonnets; Choose one of the minor sonnets with a short page and fill it out)
  • Group 11: The Tempest
    (Ideas: Prospero; Ferdinand; Caliban; Sebastian; Gonzalo; Stephano; Trinculo; Naufragium (1523); Full Fathom Five)

Wikipedia Presentation Thu Apr 27

Sociology professor Piotr Konieczny will be teaching the Shakespeare class on Thursday, April 27 at 12:00-1:30; he will lecture on using Wikipedia’s article editor and on the educational uses of Wikipedia generally.

Group members in British Society & Lit 1 are invited to come to the lecture to learn how to use the Wikipedia editor.

  • Shakespeare class: Groups 1, 5, and 11 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • British Soc & Lit 1: Groups 4 (smaller project, extra credit) and 5 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • All groups: Remember that you still need to lead Q&A after live presentations

Every member: Please fill in the anonymous project survey at Google Forms