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Writing English Essays: Peer Edit Oct 5

I’ve received everyone’s draft outline for their course paper– some as comments in the last thread, and some as e-mails.

A reminder that we will be having a peer edit day next Monday, where we will take an hour for pairs to read each other their papers and make suggestions. Please bring 2-3 copies of your paper (in progress) on Monday!

Capstone Design 2: Group Schedule

Here are the group assignations for the Capstone course. Please message me if there are errors. On Tuesday, Sep. 22, each group will meet with me for 10-15 minutes in my office (525). Discuss with your members and then, as a group, reply here with a time you would like to meet (between 2:00 and 7:00).


Student Volunteers for KOTESOL



The Korean Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language conference will be held at COEX in Seoul, October 10-11. I’ll also be reading a paper there. If you’re interested in volunteering for the conference, this is a good experience to meet people and possibly get work leads or other contacts. Click on the link for the flyer.

Project Topic Competition for Sep. 8

Students have informed me that I’ve made a mistake on the group formatting– sorry for confusing everyone. Apparently, we should have multiple groups working on different topics, and the class chooses the best one at the end of the semester to represent the department. As well, the groups should be up to five people. How can we fix this? This is what I propose, unless someone feels it’s not fair:

I would like there to be some competition, and for you to think carefully about your topics. So please still submit one proposal from your group by posting in this thread. Next week we will vote on the top 6 topics. The groups that didn’t have their topics selected will break up and the members will go to other groups, so that there are five people in each group (or close to it).

Deadline for posting your proposal here: Tuesday, September 8.

Please include these things in your proposal: 1) your member names; 2) a description of your idea; 3) why it is needed; 4) what skills (content, thinking, communication) are shown in the project; 4) how you will implement it over four months; and 5) how you might divide the tasks among five members.