Monthly Archives: March 2016

Vision & Career: Video for March 30

Campus Vision & Career students: For this week, please watch the video linked here: If the link does not work it is also at

The video is called 대학생활과 학습전략, “Campus Life & Learning.” You don’t need to come to my office; you can watch it wherever you like.

We will meet in my office next week, April 6,

British Soc. & Lit 1: Merchant of Venice Presentations

The Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare (1598)

Presentations will be Wednesday, March 30

Presentations by

  • Group 1: Does Portia show justice in court with her testing of Bassanio with the ring?
  • Group 2: How does Shakespeare depict the women in the play? Sarcastically, or as a statement?
  • Group 4: What is the relationship between the characters and Shakespeare’s own society?

Q&A responses will be led by groups 3, 5, and 7