Monthly Archives: April 2016

Vision & Career: Video for April 20

Campus Vision & Career students: For this week, please watch the video linked here: You don’t need to come to the office.

The video is number 3, “Campus Life & Exam Strategies.”



대학생활과 시험전략
전동표 박사(교수학습지원팀

You don’t need to come to my office; you can watch it wherever you like.We will meet in my office next week, April 27.

British Soc. & Lit 1: Poetry Readings

Here is the file: 2016-4 English Poetry for the coming week.

Please print the pdf file, or bring it to class on a laptop or tablet.

Presentation groups: Choose one of these poems (one poem, one group), and tell the class: What does it mean?

Presentations: Group 9 will be discussing Rudyard Kipling’s “If.” Group 10 will be doing Robert Herrick’s “To the virgins.”

Blog post (due Tuesday, May 3): Choose one poem. What does it mean?