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Reminder: Papers Due Sun Dec 18

A reminder! All papers in all courses are due Sunday, December 18 before midnight, by e-mail. Late papers will have grades deducted by the day.

Writing English Essays (Graduate): Papers must have an abstract, lit review, and references.

British Society & Lit 2: Papers must quote from and list in the references at least three external sources besides the primary text.

General advice for all papers: Prove your claims with quotations; generally, having more short quotations is better than a few long ones.

Classes Meet Monday Dec. 12 + Final Papers

I’ve been given an exam schedule which now shows final exams December 13-21. Because of this, and because we need a makeup class, we will have classes on Monday, December 12. Attending the peer edit will count towards in-class writing grades.

British & American Fiction updated schedule


British Society & Literature 2 updated schedule


All final papers are due by e-mail Sunday, December 18. Send your paper to: ken-hany-email-big