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PBL & Visioning – MUL Episodes 1 & 2 Blog Posts

PBL & Visioning – MUL Episode 1 Blog Post

Choose one of the following questions and write a post of about 100-200 words answering it. There are no right or wrong answers; give your opinion, or respond to someone else’s post.

  1. Give an example from your own experience of how you learned in an “active” way in class or in a personal activity.
  2. What is the “university” way to approach a professor if an exam or course grade is poor, according to the video? How might you do this in real life?
  3. How might someone used to the Greek mode of learning act differently in a university class? Give an example.
  4. All of this talk about extra work and responsibility doesn’t sound like it’s better than high school. But the video does discuss some advantages to university life. Discuss a few.

PBL & Visioning – MUL Episode 1 Blog Post

Write a post of about 100-200 words responding to the prompt below.

There will be times in university where you will have an emergency task to do and you will not have enough time to do everything. Imagine that Dr. Sureggi has assigned you an essay due in two days. You need to find and read information for the paper and write it. You also need to study for Dr. Kimbop’s exam the same day.

Make a two day schedule for writing the paper and preparing for the exam. Indicate all of the things you will need to do, within reason—you are a human and you need time to sleep, eat, take a bath, take the bus, and so on. Think about and list what time you will devote to each of these personal and academic tasks.

Depending on your skills, some people can do one or more tasks at a time. You might be able to have lunch and read at the same time, or study with headphones while you walk or ride home. Think about these abilities you might have, to use your time more efficiently. Again, you don’t have enough time to do it all; how can you prioritize or use your time better?

Shakespeare Missed Class

A reminder: Shakespeare class will not meet on Monday, March 13. We’ll arrange a make-up class later. We will meet as normal on Thursday.

  • Update: We are tentatively scheduled to do our makeup on Wednesday, March 22 at 1:00.