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Peer Edit

For British Society & Lit 1 and Shakespeare:

Remember to bring 3 copies in print of your paper, in progress, for peer edit. The peer edit day is included as an in-class writing assignment.

  • Brit Soc & Lit 1 meets Wednesday, June 14 for peer edit.
  • Shakespeare class meets Thursday, June 15 for peer edit.

Wikipedia Articles

Here are some of the Wikipedia entries by the involved groups. Please remember that your entries cannot be like essays– they must be objective and include cited references for all claims. Pages may change as other editors alter information– which is how Wikipedia works.

I won’t evaluate these pages for a few days in case groups wish to do some last improvements!

  1. Dorian Gray (character)
  2. Montjoy (character)
  3. Dark Lady (character)
  4. Ferdinand (The Tempest)

Final Exam Schedule

British Society & Literature 1

  • The final will be Wednesday, June 21 at 3:00-4:30. Papers are due Friday night, June 16.


  • The final will be Monday, June 19 at 10:30-12:00. Papers are due Friday night, June 16.

PBL Vision & Career

  • There is no final exam; there is only a paper project due Thursday, June 15 (paper or e-mail)

E-mail address: 

Wikipedia Project

— Students working on the Wikipedia course project —

  • The final due date for the group project is Thursday, June 8.
  • Please don’t send me a report! Send only your link to your (more or less) finished web page.
  • Here is an example I wrote myself: Seoullo_7017_Skypark 
  • Remember that you are writing an encyclopedia entry and not an essay. Do not include your personal opinion; include only facts and arguments made by sources you can cite.
  • A long entry with no references will quickly be deleted by other editors; a shorter entry is better if every major statement is backed up with a citation (see the one I wrote).
  • Do your best; I know this is the first time students have tried this in my classes.