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Writing English Essays – Books

Writing English Essays (Graduate Seminar)

I’m sorry that I am still having problems finding a source for the class to buy the course texts. The SU bookstore is not being cooperative in finding these books. Here are websites you can order these books from, in print or e-book versions:

  1. Writing Academic Papers in English: for Korean Writers (Kenneth Eckert) (AmazonWhatthebook, Barnes & Noble)
  2. Elements of Academic Style: Writing for the Humanities (Eric Hayot) (AmazonWhatthebookKyobo Books)

We’re going to be working on chapter 2 of Writing Academic Papers tomorrow (Thursday). For now, please use This pdf file to study from– you can print it or view it.

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Date: September 5, 2017

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Pygmalion, Wed Sep 27 #1: Ji Yeon Kim .
#2: yujin C.
Pygmalion, Wed Sep 27 #1: JongHoon P.
#2: JongIn Na .
Orient Express, Thu Oct 12 #1: Daeun C.
#2: Sujung Ki .
#3: Kim H.
Orient Express, Thu Oct 12 #1: Innae C.
#2: Hyeongyeong Kim .
#3: Heejin Lim .
Hitchhiker's Guide, Thu Nov 9 #1: Minji K.
#2: Seongyun Kim .
#3: Sangyun K.
Hitchhiker's Guide, Thu Nov 9 #1: Jihyun Lee .
#2: jinyeong c.
Harry Potter, Thu Dec 7 (Extra Credit) #1: Minji K.
#2: Seongyun K.
#3: Sangyun K.