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PBL Vision – MUL Episode 5 Blog Post

Choose one of the following questions and write a post of about 200 words answering it. There are no right or wrong answers; give your opinion, or respond to someone else’s post.

Please start taking this course more seriously, class.

  1. You need to work on a group assignment, and one of your members isn’t helping at all. What are some ways you might solve this problem with positive-sum thinking?
  2. You’re having a good time at the party/M.T. but you’ve had enough alcohol for the night. How can you avoid drinking more alcohol if you don’t want to? List some strategies you might try, or recommend.
  3. One of your friends obviously has a caffeine addiction, and can’t get through the day without huge amounts of soda and coffee. Saying “drink less” isn’t going to help. What other advice can you give to help?