Wikipedia Presentation Thu Apr 27

Sociology professor Piotr Konieczny will be teaching the Shakespeare class on Thursday, April 27 at 12:00-1:30; he will lecture on using Wikipedia’s article editor and on the educational uses of Wikipedia generally.

Group members in British Society & Lit 1 are invited to come to the lecture to learn how to use the Wikipedia editor.

  • Shakespeare class: Groups 1, 5, and 11 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • British Soc & Lit 1: Groups 4 (smaller project, extra credit) and 5 are working on the Wikipedia project
  • All groups: Remember that you still need to lead Q&A after live presentations

Every member: Please fill in the anonymous project survey at Google Forms

One thought on “Wikipedia Presentation Thu Apr 27

  1. Su Yean You(유수연)

    I don’t think Laertes is a bad guy. As an older brother he can be justified in wanting his sister to stay away from Hamlet. It is totally acceptable for Laertes that warns her sister to fall in love, which is nonsuccessful and hopeless. Hamlet is the prince of the country who has to marry someone that can bring benefits to their country not someone that he loves. So if Ophelia fallsl in love with Hamlet, only Ophelia will get hurt. Loosing her virgin, maybe she can’t marry anyone because at that time protecting virginity is valuable thing. So Laertes worries about this worst situation. Of course Ophelia can marry with Hamlet. But in that time he couldn’t sure whether they could marry or not. Thus Laertes’s behavior can be justified as a wise older brother.
    Laertes can be justified in wanting revenge for both of them dying because of Hamlet. After he came back from France, He lost his father and sister, which were his whole family. if I am in that situation, I definately would think of revenge. And even the cause of dying is in just one person who is Hamlet in this story, I can understand the revenge to the person. If Hamlet didn’t kill Polonius, Ophelia also could alive. Maybe I think that he felt betrayal more in the fact that Hamlet loved Ophelia even though it was just a short time. I couldn’t imagine how bad losing family will be, but I can understand his thought that wanted to revenge avenge to Hamlet. Thus Laertes can be justified in wanting revenge to Hamlet as last family member

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