British Soc & Mod Novs: Blog Post 3 (Lord of the Flies)

Lord of the Flies – William Golding (1954)

Blog posts due and presentation day: Thursday, November 9

  • Group 5: What is the meaning of the beast in the novel?
  • Group 6: What do Piggy and Simon’s deaths represent?

Write a post here of two paragraphs (about 200 words) discussing Lord of the Flies. Feel free to make your post a reply to someone else’s post if you like.

Choose one topic for your presentation or for online discussion or your paper. One topic per group. A narrow, focused discussion is usually more interesting.

What is the importance of ___________ in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

  1. The conch shell
  2. Piggy (the boy)
  3. Piggy’s glasses
  4. Ralph’s leadership versus Jack’s
  5. The gender of the characters–why no girls?
  6. The fire
  7. Scars (on people, or on the land)
  8. The pointed sticks
  9. The “littleuns” (the younger children)
  10. The naval officer

16 thoughts on “British Soc & Mod Novs: Blog Post 3 (Lord of the Flies)

  1. Park Ye Jong

    What is the importance of Piggy in the novel?

    Piggy is not an active character and sometimes he irritates me because he gives advices Ralph and does not do everything. But he has an important role. It is proved that Ralph admits Piggy is the cleverest man in the island and gets a lot of help from him. Sometimes I think Piggy should be a leader because Piggy only faces what is the real problem and he can analyze it. When the group went to the mountain to find boughs to make fire, nobody didn’t care how many people were there. But it was only Piggy who realized one person was missing. The real leadership started from counting how many people in the group and figuring out each members. But Ralph and Jack didn’t. Children considers Ralph and Jack leaders because Ralph is handsome and Jack has ability to get a meat. That’s shame idea. He looks like snobbish but he was the last one who stayed rational when the groups got confused because of scary rumor. He tried to calm down children even he was not sure what the truth of rumor is. It would be better if he had more important role in the group.

  2. Suh Yujeong

    4. What is the importance of Ralph’s leadership versus Jack’s in the novel? What does it symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    Ralph becomes the leader by election and he establishes a form of democracy. For example, he uses a conch shell as a horn to convene all the other boys and says that whoever holds the conch shell can speak their own opinions. Ralph always considers and focuses on what is more important for them. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining the fire so that people come to rescue them and he also makes shelters with Simon while other boys are playing. Ralph keeps trying to solve the problem by discussion.

    On the other hand, Jack goes in the complete opposite direction. He gets the power by killing wild pigs. He concentrates on hunting, so he brings boys who assign to maintain the signal fire to hunt down a wild pig. Consequentially, the signal fire goes out so a passing ship just travels without stopping, it means that they miss a chance to rescue to leave an uninhabited island. Jack becomes more and more violence and frantic. Jack and his tribe become savages. They even kill Simon and Piggy.

  3. Kim Soyeon

    In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies,’ the conch shell symbolizes power that is not autocratic. Only the person who has the conch shell can speak in front of the boys as a speaker. The boys have to listen to him. This is the most important rule in the island. So at first, the boys even have an argument to take the shell although Ralph and Jack are the main leaders. Even though it is Piggy who gets the shell, even Jack, who hates Piggy, does not ignore him. The boys divide their parts by using this shell. I think Ralph is the most ideal leader of the island because this rule of the shell keeps the island safe and calm.
    As the story goes on, the boys get hungry and angry, so they begin to ignore the usage of the conch shell. Although someone interferes the speaker with a shell, other boys do not stop the disrupter. Then everybody starts to ignore even Ralph. Therefore, all of the rules of the island corrupts. It means the island became a chaos without any normal thought. If the boys kept caring about the shell, Jack would not have been savage that much. I think this situation means that the world without rules would be more dangerous and senseless.

  4. Aniqah Syairah Ruslan

    What is the importance of the conch in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    The conch plays one of the biggest roles in Golding’s novel that is full of allegorical connotations. The conch serves as a platform to the symbols that can be found in the story. For example, the conch gives the readers the clear differences between the characters of Ralph and Jack, and their form of leadership. The conch is a symbol of law and order, as well as the assertion of rules and power.

    The novel depicts this item as something so powerful, that is gives the boys their rights to speak and to take turns. The boys abide the rules of the conch and respect it. This inanimate object is somehow animated in the eyes of the boys. Ralph, is seen to be the figure of civilization, while Jack is the opposite of Ralph, as he portrays the symbol of savagery. Ralph can be seen as thoughtful leader, who gives the others their opportunity to talk by handing them the conch. However, Jack always seem to disobey the rules and play “dirty” by talking whenever he feels like talking without actually having the conch in hand. Here, we can see that not only the conch symbolizes law and order, but it also fulfills the portrayals of the dissimilarities between civilization and savagery. Towards the end of the story, the conch is shattered into “powder” along with Piggy. Here Golding implies that savagery has now overpowered civilization, and this is also evident when Ralph is left alone in his tribe and everyone has let their inner savagery emerge by joining Jack’s tribe.

  5. JongHoon Park

    3. What is the importance of Piggy’s glasses in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    Piggy seems to be the most intelligent character in the novel. For example, he suggests some brilliant ideas such as utilizing the conch shell to gather the other boys and bringing the signal fire from the mountain to the beach. Then what is Piggy’s glasses? It is the only way for the boys to make signal fire so that some ships can rescue the boys in the island. In addition, of course the glasses belong to Piggy who is the most intelligent. Is the intelligence related to something? What is the symbol of the glasses?
    I think that Piggy’s glasses stands for the scientific method and the boys’ hope for being rescued. As I mentioned earlier, it is used as a tool to make signal fire which is necessary to let adults outside the island know their isolation. If Piggy doesn’t wear glasses, how can the young boys make fire? Also, the reflection of glasses is a kind of scientific phenomena. That is, in relation to the weapons which hunters belonging to Jack’s group use such as a stack and wooden spear, Piggy’s glasses refer to scientific method belonging to civilization. Thus, in some sense, Piggy’s glasses help to make the contrast between savages and civilized people.

  6. Magali Le Corre

    1. What is the importance of The conch shell in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    The conch shell plays an important role in the story. This is the first thing that the boys find on the island and decide to use in order to maintain a system of law and order, that is that only the person who holds the conch in his hand can speak and everybody has to listen to him. The conch shell symbolizes an important aspect of civilization which is law and order. Therefore, it plays an important part in the boys’ life at the beginning, but as time goes by and we see Ralph and Jack growing apart from each other and taking different paths, the power of the conch disappears. Also, Ralph loses his power unlike Jack who’s gaining it. Jack, representing tyranny and becoming a savage, does not use the conch as he never believed in it any way. Civilization is slowly disappearing, just like the conch, which at the end of the novel simply vanishes. I think that the conch means that without law and order, humanity would just go back to the state of savagery. If our primary needs are not fulfill, we cannot maintain a system of law and order.

  7. Minwoo Kim

    3.Piggy’s glasses

    As I read the book, I noticed the glasses as well as the conch. Piggy’s glasses symbolize many things. On the surface, it indicates that Piggy has a bad sight and it can make fire (signal of rescue) by focusing the lights. But there are profound symbols behind it. First, I think it symbolizes “intellectual”. Piggy is the wisest boy in the island and gives advice to Ralph. Second, it symbolizes civilization and order like conch.

    As the story goes on, we can find that the civilization and order are being collapsed by especially, Jack and Roger(his tribe). They steal the glasses and kill Piggy. They ignore the rule. (using conch to make a statement) But, I think we can also glimpse of Ralph’s brutality. When he gets upset by dead signal fire, he hit the Piggy’s cheek and the glasses fall to the ground. And he acts like nothing happened after the Simon’s death. The character’s of the Lord Of Flies are just kids, but how can we find suggestions of them? We need to notice many symbolizations.


    The conch shell has an important role or symbol in the novel. First of all, the shell makes all boys alive in the island come together. If Piggy did not discover the shell and Ralph did not blow it, it would be harder for Ralph and Piggy to meet other boys. Second, after the children gather, they try to choose the leader for themselves and the shell is considered as a symbol of the leader (Ralph, the chosen leader, uses the conch shell when convening a meeting). Third, the conch shell is used as a microphone one who wants to say something can speak with and anybody else has to listen to him.

    The boys do not know how to survive by themselves at first, but they soon try to figure out the ways to keep their lives until some adults come and save them. In their doing so, the shell helps the children be in their own rule and be kind of cooperative to each other. It seems like the means of democrats among the children even though the shell is crashed by Jack, who has power as big as Ralph, at the end of the story. To conclude, the conch shell plays such a significant role or symbol by being used as a tool that develops the story of the novel.

  9. Gang tae yang

    The fire in this story is one of the most important things to children of the island because, fire is only way to rescue themselve from uncivilized island. In other word, the fire acts like a hope to return a civilized home. So, Ralph devotes to protect the fire.
    But, as a Jack, the fire is just a useful tool to cook a meat or protect his tribe from the mysterious danger like beast. (Even he boost that he can defeat the beast by his power and his hunting troops, he also presents the offering like asking mercy to soothe beast) therefore, I think that the fire acts absolute opposite things for two main character, Ralph and Jack. To Ralph, the fire is a hope that they can go back the home, civilized and safe world where everyone can have their own right to live like human. But, Jack has a different view about the fire. Jack thinks the fire as a tool to maintain his authority by guarantee of the stable life to members of his tribe. In other word, to Jack, the fire is a tool to accelerate barbaric life in the isolated island.
    In conclusion, I think that the fire has a two aspect. One is exit from the savage world to safe home. Another one is catalyst into the barbaric world.

  10. Jeongeun Lee

    The fire is what only humans can have. Animals cannot make or keep the fire on their will. This basic feature of the fire is implied in the novel.

    For Ralph, keeping the signal fire is the most important thing ever since all of them have landed on the island. As a leader, only Ralph (and Piggy) clearly understands how important the fire is. It is really the only thing they could do in the island as an effort to be rescued. However, Jack and his followers are not capable of seeing this reason. Instead, they become savages and Jack becomes even more animal-like being gradually. For them, keeping the fire is mere something that is additional, not crucial.

    Based on this simple contrast, I think the fire in the novel is a tool of dividing the boys. The fire distinguishes the boys into two groups; one who cares about the fire and knows its importance, and the other who does not. Then these two groups have another contrasting feature; Human and Animal. The former group uses human’s ability to reason and think before acting. However, the latter group just runs for what they want such as foods and joys. Just like animals, they are not intelligent enough as humans to act according to what they should do.

  11. Yena Lee

    4. What is the importance of Ralph’s leadership versus Jack’s in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    It is clearly different between the way of Ralph leads the boys and the way of Jack does. Ralph always tries to give same chance to the boys, especially, the right to speak by bringing the conch. Ralph thinks everyone is equal and they have rights to speak. Also, he is more interested in keeping the fire signal which is the most important thing to be rescued than hunting. He is trying to be a rational, intellectual leader even he has some weak points.

    However, Jack is indifferent to keep the fire signal at all. He wants to be chief and tries to hunt the pigs and the beast. He is eager to make rules and punish the boys who do not keep the rules. He abuses the power and is such a violent leader. Jack uses his emotions more than reason or intellect. Even he plays the important role to kill some boys (Piggy and Simon). Later he tries to kill Ralph, too. I figured that Jack is such a violent, cruel leader.

  12. Ahn Min Jeong

    I think Piggy’s glasses is important in the novel. It symbolizes the power of science, civilization and knowledge of Piggy. Piggy’s glasses is used to make a fire. It means a science and civilization. They thought making a fire will help to rescue, so they used his glasses to make a fire. That is, they did scientific behavior. Also, they could request for rescue and roast meat thanks to a fire. It means the science is linked to civilization. Thanks to a glasses, they were civilized people, not savage.

    However, as time goes by, his glasses was broken, and the boys were getting worse. They were alike savages. They were savage losing their science and civilization. Finally, the group of Jack stole Piggy’s glasses. After he lost his glasses, he could not advise Ralph. It means a loss of glasses is a loss of knowledge of Piggy. Therefore, I think Piggy’s glasses is important in the novel and the character ‘Piggy’, and I think it means the power of science, civilization, and knowledge of Piggy.

  13. Seol Hanbin

    3. Piggy’s glasses

    The airplane which the children were getting on crash-landed on the island. It means that there isn’t any benefit of civilization and they have to find their own ways to survive from A to Z like primitive society. In an instant, they were deprived of everything and situated in confusing condition. They have to readjust to their situation. What they first did was making a fire. And what they used to make a fire was Piggy’s glasses as the concept of a flint. But using glasses is much more advanced technology than the flint. Both using glasses and flint is kind of science. Flint is using principle of friction and glasses are using principle of convex lens. But latter one is more effective way than former one in that frictional force needs human’s manual labor whereas by using glasses, all they have to do is just holding convex lens to gather sunlight. The children quickly found this way and applied it to reality right away. They jumped primitive step and immediately took advantage of civilized knowledge. So Piggy glasses indicates human’s intelligence that can use tool.

    Before using the glasses as a tool to make a fire, their first use is substituting for one’s eyes. As Piggy has very bad eyes, his glasses are almost like his two eyes. Without glasses he can hardly see something. So Piggy’s glasses are a window to view the world for Piggy. With his glasses, he can sense, perceive and feel his world in the way he sees the world. If someone takes Piggy’ glasses away from Piggy, it is no less than shutting off the world. Piggy’s glasses are a sort of his outlet. He can communicate with the world and people when he wears glasses, which is otherwise impossible. Also Piggy’s glasses are a protection for him. Wearing glasses, he can act more agilely and notice dangers in wildness like in that island. Piggy might be alive by avoiding Roger, if he had worn his glasses.

  14. Minji Kim

    6. What is the importance of ____the fire____ in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    ‘Fire’ in this novel represents more than one thing. I think it approximately has three meanings.
    First is stability. With fire kids feel warmness and since fire get rid of the darkness, which is a fear to kids, it is something they can rely on. Also they can cook pig with fire so it works as an aid for their living.
    Second is power. More over to a stability, the importance of a fire increases as time goes and it even acts as power. Ralph and Jack struggles to get fire up or down in the mountain. Because kids feel safe with fire so with fire both chief can earn kids mind or faith. So Jack even steals Piggy’s glasses to make a fire. It represents power, and also causes fight between two kids.
    Last one is hope. It is a way for them to get rescued in this cruel island. So not only for the living and for the indication of power, Ralph tries to make smoke through fire so they can get rescued. It was interesting how one object could work as both negative and positive at the same time.

  15. Minyoung Hong

    It is easy to see that the conch shell represents power and right. The one who has the conch shell has the power to lead the meeting and make everybody listen to him. It also symbolises the right. It is the right to speak and appeal his own argument. However, the conch shell’s most noticeable asset is that those power and right it represents are the kind that the boys agreed altogether. It is not something that has been forced. That is why the conch shell is also seen as the symbol of democracy. The conch shell also symbolises the order. As the boys’ society deteriorates gradually towards barbaric state, the conch shell loses its power and authority, and the boys ignores to stay in order during the meeting.
    Jack wanted to ignore the ‘the one who has the shell shall speak’ system so bad. It is because Jack stands for the exact opposite value of the conch shell. He is the leader of the dictatorial society, thus he has never been happy with the democratic system of Ralph and Piggy. At the end of the novel, when the shell got shattered, it represents the last hope of democracy and Ralph also becomes like an animal.

  16. Kwon Yeonwoo

    What is the importance of the conch shell in the novel? What does it/he symbolize or mean to the characters, the story, or its messages?

    I think that the conch shell is very important in this novel, because it means regulation(=law) and democracy to the boys in the island. At the first part of the story, Ralph and Piggy found the conch shell and make a rule that everyone who has the conch in hand can speak and the others must listen to him while he is holding it. I think this means everyone is same with the conch, because Piggy can speak in front of other boys even though they hate Piggy. And in the story, the conch is used very well when the characters need to talk something to others. Even when the boys try to attack Ralph, Piggy holds it aloft and tells that he has the conch so you have to listen to me, because they’re sensible people. And then the boys listen to Piggy like magic. It seems like that it has a strange power inside.
    But this changes when the Piggy dies and the conch crashed because of the rolling rock. The conch shell became useless and Piggy, the most intelligent and sensible boy in the island who helped Ralph a lot is killed. Everyone is out of control and Ralph has nothing in his hand. He is not the same one with the othe boys, so he cannot speak or suggest his opinion to others. He just runs away from the others because they want to kill him like Piggy. This means there is no rule but just chaos. Ralph is almost attacked by the group of crazy boys at the end of this book. I think the new regulation(the man who rescued the boys) saves Ralph’s life because he is grown-up and has a big power to save the boys. The boys do not need a conch shell anymore. In conclusion, the conch shell means rule(regulation) and democracy in this book because it gave the boys same opportunity when it is in someone’s hand, and also controlled them, too.

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