British Soc & Mod Novels – Paper Assignment

Course Paper Project for British Society & Modern Novels

Topics already approved

  1. The meaning of the title “A Little Cloud” in Dubliners
  2. How do events in Brave New World change the Savage’s (John’s) personality?
  3. “A Mother”: Is what Mrs. Kearney does appropriate behavior?
  4. Flies: How does Jack use or relate to the Beast to control the others?
  5. Flies: How chapter 2 of LoF explains and anticipates the novel’s themes
  6. Brave: Why does Linda give up on life so easily?
  7. Brave: Science and technology fails to control Lenina’s behavior.
  8. Flies: Roger is not a sidekick like Piggy; he is a hidden competitor to Jack.
  9. Flies: Ralph is inadequate; his imperfections are complemented by Piggy, Simon, and Jack.
  10. “The Dead”: The ‘dead’ is actually Gabriel. He is mentally a dead man.
  11. “Eveline”: Why can’t Eveline get on the boat?
  12. “Araby”: Araby is a reflection of the boy’s fabricated cravings.
  13. Flies: Piggy and Roger are opposite counterparts.
  14. “A Little Cloud”: Why does Chandler cry at the end?
  15. Mr. Doran gets what he deserves in “The Boarding House.”
  16. How are Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm similar?
  17. The World State in BNW doesn’t work, as shown in its characters.
  18. How and why do Bernard, Helmholtz, and Lenina get personal feelings that aren’t permitted?

Write an MLA format argument paper of about 800 words on one (or more) of the course texts: Dubliners, Brave New World, Lord of the Flies, or Lucky Jim. Try to discuss an issue or theme which explains the text(s); simply comparing two characters can be boring unless the comparison tells us something meaningful. Feel free to look at the blog questions or think about the presentations for ideas.

Due date, on paper: Thursday, December 7, in class (no e-mails)

  1. The paper must state an argument with examples and reasons, focused on the text.
  2. It’s OK if you use evidence or history from the time period of the text to help explain it, so long as your emphasis is on the text. Do not write a paper which is really about your best friend or about K-Pop.
  3. The paper must directly quote from the text to prove your arguments. If your paper has three irrelevant quotes I will assume you didn’t read the text. Use short quotes rather than padding the paper with useless long quotes. I’d also like secondary sources to be included in your second draft.
  4. Important!: Here is how the paper will work. You will e-mail me (keneckert @ hanyang. ac. kr) a 70+ word proposal, where you will describe what you are going to discuss and what question or argument you are going to answer or prove in your paper. You should do this soon, because: a) I won’t accept a paper without an accepted proposal; and b) once a proposal is accepted, no other student can write on the same argument. For this reason your proposal needs to be specific. I will reject vague, one-sentence proposals saying, e.g. “I will write about why x is bad.” How and why is he bad? How will you prove it?
  • Your second paper in this course will be a revision of this first paper, due on the last day of classes by e-mail (Saturday, December 16).
  • We will be spending four classes discussing how to write, research, and edit academic argument papers.
  • Refer to the “Files” heading on this site for an example of MLA formatting. We’ll discuss this in class as well.
  • Grading will be on four criteria: Grammar; structure; argumentation, and text support (quoting). Each draft is worth 15%.