Writing English Essays: Blog Post 2

Writing English Essays – Blog Post 2

For your second paper draft, please again write about 200 words about the peer edit we did last week, or your writing process at present. As a reflection, think about how your writing is going so far, or what you like and don’t like. Was the peer edit helpful? What did you specifically learn from it? Or how would you change it in future? Feel free as well to respond to someone else’s post.

4 thoughts on “Writing English Essays: Blog Post 2

  1. Nelly Wonjung Cho

    I am so proud and glad to see my dissertation develop after each class. Also, it seems that I took a course that I could prepare in advance for the dissertation I should write. Although I am a different major, I have a lot of self-reflection that I have to work harder in the sense that I have many things to lack. I am really grateful to Tamara for her peer editing despite my bad dissertation.

  2. Lisa kim

    First of all , I’d like to say thanks to my peer editor, Hansol who might be an expert on this field. Her comment on my second draft encouraged me to think it deeply and guided me to find right decision.
    During our discussion, we tried to find out rigtht citation of APA papers. Particularly. she taught me how to find a journal name in English.It would be very helpful. Because of her help, I could think about analyzing sendtence structure again and keep me to check my second draft more.
    However, I am totally sorry for her not to have enought time to edit her second draft.
    Thanks again to my peer editor.

  3. Thamara Tofeti Lima

    As I already mentioned in the class I am really enjoying the peer edit! Not only because I could see a huge improvement on my writing skills (mainly related to comma issues) but, also because I am learning how to judge a paper that was not written by myself, and, that sometimes does not even talk about a familiar topic. Nowadays I think that I have a “better eye” to find mistakes on my writing and to find ways to correct them as well.
    Once more, I think doing peer edit in this class is being important to improve some important skills for my professional life as a researcher.

  4. Hansol Kim

    Well, my paper itself couldn’t have any development through this peer edit because it way one side edit.
    However, by correcting my partner’s paper, I looked back at my whole writing method and could figure out way to make strong statement and structures. First of all, writer must think about the order of the content and try to think how to convince others who don’t know that much about the content; unless it can become mass of typo. And prior to writing, writer must read a lot because you can see how people write and understand what is paper writing and what is it for.
    The important thing about the peer edit is discussion how to make better writing, not an insist about what he or she wrote. Hope next time it works better.

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