PBL Vision & Career – MUL Episode 1 Blog Post

Choose one of the following questions and write a post of about 100-200 words answering it. There are no right or wrong answers; give your opinion, or respond to someone else’s post.

  1. Give an example from your own experience of how you learned in an “active” way in class or in a personal activity.
  2. What is the “university” way to approach a professor if an exam or course grade is poor, according to the video? How might you do this in real life?
  3. How might someone used to the Greek mode of learning act differently in a university class? Give an example.
  4. All of this talk about extra work and responsibility doesn’t sound like it’s better than high school. But the video does discuss some advantages to university life. Discuss a few.

4 thoughts on “PBL Vision & Career – MUL Episode 1 Blog Post

  1. Seowoo Kim

    First, students have more free time to do things they want. There are many classes from different field so student can take a class which is not related one’s major. It is necessary to learn different subject and study widely. Second, university is the kind of reduction of the real social life. Student is in a situation which has not previously encountered in the university. However, they have more options and decisions that they make their own decision than high school. That’s why student can be independent and have ability to solve the situation. Third, you can meet many different people and share their experiences. This is the precious indirect experiences they have never been to experience and it can play a crucial role in your life. Also making relationship is the important value when you are growing. Someday, you would be given other’s help.

  2. Jae Eun Heo.

    I have some step to learn in ‘active’. First, focus in class and review in that day to remember what I learn better. Second, I use my one note. Taking note in detail is helping to memorize what I learn. And When I do that, its useful when I come to school or go to home.

  3. giwoo kil

    firstly, focus in class. it’s simple but hard. secondly, preparing the class. i think it’s the most important thing.
    it makes easy to focus in class. i think preparing the class is more important than reviewing the class. of course, reviewing is important but i think preparing is superior.
    lastly, repeating the class. summarize or listen to record, whatever way to repeating is important.

  4. MinKwan Kim

    Try not to miss an important part of the class by paying attention. Write down the important parts, during the test period, focus on the designated parts. At most, I should review what I learned that day, and if I don’t know something about it, I should do something about it. The most important thing is to study first.

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