PBL Vision & Career – MUL Episode 2 Blog Post

PBL & Visioning – MUL Episode 2 Blog Post

Watch the video and write a post of about 100-200 words responding to the prompt below.

There will be times in university where you will have an emergency task to do and you will not have enough time to do everything. Imagine that Dr. Sureggi has assigned you an essay due in two days. You need to find and read information for the paper and write it. You also need to study for Dr. Kimbop’s exam the same day.

Make a schedule for writing the paper and preparing for the exam. Indicate all of the things you will need to do, within reason—you are a human and you need time to sleep, eat, take a bath, take the bus, and so on. Think about what time you will devote to each of these personal and academic tasks.

Depending on your skills, some people can do one or more tasks at a time. You might be able to have lunch and read at the same time, or study with headphones while you walk or ride home. Think about these abilities you might have, to use your time more efficiently. Again, you don’t have enough time to do it all; how can you prioritize or use your time better?

No one did the blog post for Episode 1. A reminder that it is part of your course grade.

4 thoughts on “PBL Vision & Career – MUL Episode 2 Blog Post

  1. Seowoo Kim

    Midterm is coming up next next week. So I have to schedule my plan. First, I use the odd hours between the classes for saving the time. I will never be able to finish what I plan to do unless I take the extra time for studying because I study longer than other people. Second, I read one book a week. There is a assignment from the class, ‘Writing and life’ but I am not good at writing the essay. So I just read a book and write about what I felt for growing my writhing and comprehending skills. Third, I should not order the food at night time. When we study at midnight, we are always hungry. Last, I will study in advance. For Chinese class, I have to memorize more than 100 Chinese character. It is very strange letter that I can’t remember well.

  2. Jae Eun Heo.

    I usually spent my time in chatting and using my phone. But, because of midterm, I need to stop spending my time. Reducing my wasted time, I have two or three ways. One is planning my daily schedule the day before, with using my diary. Before I go to bed, decied what I have to do first, what I have to prepare and which subject I have to study at first. By doing that so, I’m able to reduce time more efficiently. The others thing is review what I learn consciously. Review what I learn in that day help remember things.

  3. giwoo kil

    I often spent time on reading. But, because of exam, I can’t read a book a lot. I scheduled to study only this month. i decided to get A at least 2 subject. So I planned to study 3hours a day. Focusing on one subject 3hours a day is the best studying way. And i used this when i was in high school.
    however, i decided to read a book “energy revolution 2018” up to this month. so i have to schedule my time wisely. i thought it would be hard to do both of them. but as i’m trying to save my time, it worked.
    the proverb “no pain no gain” is fit in my university life.

  4. MinKwan Kim

    I lived in the fastlane, but I should prepare my midterm. My study style was caramming. But, stuying in college was very difficult. Especially Chinese is the first subject to learn, so it was difficult. During the examination period, I will play less time and study more than 3 hours everyday, and what I learned that day will be reviewed immediately without forgetting. I will study English intensively because I have many English subjects although I am not good at English. Among them, I will study mainly with English words.

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