PBL & Visioning – MUL Episode 4 Blog Post

  • Reminder: On Wednesday, June 13 you will be submitting a written course project on one of the issues discussed in Episodes 1-6.
  • Completing these blog posts is 30% of your course grade.

Choose one of the following questions and write a post of about 100-200 words answering it. There are no right or wrong answers; give your opinion, or respond to someone else’s post.

  1. When you are planning a paper assignment or a presentation and need to do research, what are some methods, websites, or practices you feel are helpful for finding good sources? How can you judge your sources?
  2. Discuss a situation where you thought about a problem and employed synthesis-level thinking– that is, you combined knowledge from several subjects or examples to produce new knowledge to solve the problem.

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