British Soc Con Novels: Blog Post 4 (Remains of the Day)

Kazuo Ishiguro – The Remains of the Day (1989)

Blog posts due / Presentations: Monday, May 21

Write a post here of two paragraphs (about 200 words) discussing the text. Choose one topic, or make your post a reply to someone else’s post.

For presentations, choose one topic per group. Your presentation must present an opinion or argument; it can’t just summarize the story. You must e-mail or speak to me before your presentation to have it approved.

  1. What does Stevens care most deeply about? Does he believe that he has lived up to his own standards?
  2. Miss Kenton threatens to leave when Lord Darlington fires the Jewish maids, and doesn’t. Is she less wrong, or more wrong, than Stevens, who does nothing?
  3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?
  4. Some critics feel the book is funny. Do you agree? Where is there humor in the story?
  5. Ishiguro is famous for having “unreliable narrators.” Give some examples of Stevens’s inability to see things as readers see them. What blinds him, or gets in his way of understanding, especially when it comes to Lord Darlington?
  6. What is the meaning of the “banter” which Stevens feels he should learn to do? Why does he return to that idea at the very end of the novel?
  7. One of the most beautiful scenes in the novel, and one of Stevens’s strongest memories, is him and Miss Kenton watching his father from a window. Why is this such a vivid memory?
  8. What do the characters Stevens meets and stays with during his vacation teach him about himself? Give some examples.
  9. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

24 thoughts on “British Soc Con Novels: Blog Post 4 (Remains of the Day)

  1. Kim Ji Yeon

    9. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

    I want to talk about the title of this book; Remains of the day.  How about the remains of the day for Stevens? At the end of the book, Kenton said that rest of her life will be good because she is going to meet her grandchild soon and Stevens said that rest of his life will be working and working. It could be right, I think. I think he will be working hard for rest of his life. However, because he realized that he had believed Darlington blindly in the past,
    ( because Darlington was supporter of Nazi) he will be likely to respect Faraday or other master of the house selectively and carefully. He lost his love during working and he spent his whole life working.

    After reading this book, I had time to think about the rest of my life. Even though the rest
    of my life would be longer than Stevens, I wonder whether I can live my life worthily like Stevens. (of course, his past life was wrong because of blind belief) For my meaningful rest of my life, I thought that I should achieve my dream, teacher. Teaching has been meaningful behavior for me until now. So it will not betray to me in the future like Stevens. I thought that doing meaningful and valuable working is really important after reading this book. It was my lesson from this book for me.

  2. Daseul Jung

    3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    I was one of the people who think that everyone must marry a loved one. Unless some people marry a loved one, they cannot feel their life is better than before marriage. However, over time my thought changed. I started to accept and face the reality. Marriage cannot be kept with only true love. For me, the most important thing is spouse’s priority. If Stevens and Kenton marry, they will be happy at first because they would think there are only two in the world and nobody can break this happiness. However, as all people who read “The remains of the day” knows, Stevens has too much loyalty to his master. Of course, Kenton does so, but at least she closes the eyes of her closed people such as Stevens’s father and the woman who is like mother to her. On the other hand, Stevens does not close the eyes of his father since he has to treat the other people who are significant to his master. In this scene, I think Stevens chooses loyalty, not loved people. His mind is all over to his master. In this situation, even though they marry, she will eventually be relegated to second place, never first place. For this reason, I think their marriage will be not happy ending.

  3. Heeran Kang

    9. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

    I think that Stevens is a master of paradox. After spending his all life with absolute obedience to his master, he finds out that all he has left is only “dignity“ as a butler. But where is his dignity as a human gone? Throughout the novel, he keeps reminiscing his memories, and realizes that his life has been wasted, working for tens of years without it, but we all know that he will not admit the fact simultaneously. Also, it seems that he has repressed his feelings so often that he has a hard time showing his emotions when needed. For example, when his father passed away, he could not take a last look at his dying father. It was other maids who grieved deeply for his father instead of him. To me, Stevens always acts so calm that any other people around him even seem to behave too emotional or sensitive. Moreover, at the end of the day, he says that he starts to feel “a deep feeling of triumph,“ not a sad feeling.

    At the same time, it seems that he sometimes become something else even before he is a human being. Maybe like an android working for its master. It appears that he is a responsible person, being loyal to his own master, however, when it comes to the fundamental problem, he refuses to admit responsibility that I personally would call moral hazard. He says “A ‘great’ butler can only be, surely, one … that he has applied his talents to serving a great gentleman – and through the latter, to serving humanity,” and then, he says “It is hardly my fault if his lordship’s life and work have turned out today to look, at best, a sad waste – and it is quite illogical that I should feel any regret or shame on my own account.” So given these quotes, he actually did not serve humanity for anyone else, but rather he did ignore what lied in front of him. Things that could change British citizen’s lives directly which he is so proud of. Mr Cardinal blames on Stevens that he just lets all go before him and never thinks to look at it for what it is. And then, what is his loyalty for? After all, Stevens himself is nothing but a rudderless, empty shell that declares himself a “great” butler.

  4. Suhyun Ji

    6. What is the meaning of the “banter” which Stevens feels he should learn to do? Why does he return to that idea at the very end of the novel?

    The meaning of the “banter” is to talk someone in a friendly and humorous way, often in a teasing way as a definition in dictoinary. But for Stenvens, it is not only an ability to amsue and satisfy his present master(Mr.Farraday)’s wishes and is but also a problem which seemed not to overcome. He practied a lot to say banter more naturally in a situation that needs banter. Meanwhile, he met kenton and recalled the momories with kenton in Darlington hall. Then he talked with the retired butler about the butler’s life.
    Banter is very easy and makes their life joyful for people around him and the retired butler. He realized that banter was the key to human warmth. Even though he failed to make a family with Kenton and has lived only for Lord Dalington, he knew its significance for his remainns of the day.

  5. Lee Jae up

    1.What does Stevens care most deeply about? Does he believe that he has lived up to his own standards?

    I think ‘Professionalism’ was important to Stevens, and he believed he has lived up to his own standards. He did the butler’s duties flawlessly. All the space in Darlington Hall was maintained neatly, the portraits were in place, all tableware were cleaner than any mansion, and he provided a great service without being disturbed by the guests. And he was obedient to his master’s orders. He trusted his master’s will without question. He dedicated his whole life to Lord Darlington.
    To be a good butler, he gave up several things. He couldn’t keep his father’s death. Although his father was dying of a stroke, he couldn’t afford to care his father. Because a large number of rallies and conferences had to be held in the mansion for England. And he didn’t know his love for Miss Kenton. During their time at Darlington Hall, he was arguably aware on some level of Miss Kenton’s feelings, but he chose to repress his personal feelings about Miss Kenton and buried in his job. As a result, Miss Kenton left him, and she married other man and became Mrs. Ben.
    Even if his life is flawed, I think he had well done his role as a butler.

  6. Kim jae-won

    Q. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

    The fact that I was interested is about Stevens’s lifetime as a butler. In July 1956, Stevens decides to take a six- day road trip to the West Country of England – a region to the west of Darlington Hall, the house in which Stevens resides and has worked as a butler for thirty-four years. At first, he just tried to go travel in his freetime, but he became a butler for 34 years! How is it possible! Even though his circumspect characteristic would help his work as a butler, he definitely was not a bantering person. I am very curious about how he can do his job for 34years!
    I also was interested about the background of the time. Most of story in this novel progresses after World WarⅡ. Stevens lived as a butler peacefully as if he is regardless of that war. I thought that only Stevens is hung at an angle from cruel war. It was very meaningful time for me to read this novel to think about the war and thanks to current world that no war exists anymore at least for me.

  7. Ahn Min Jeong

    Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    I think Mr. Stevens is a good butler, not a good husband. He is too much concentrated on his job and duty. It is sure that he is a good butler. He always thinks the dignity of the great butler and considers it. He doesn’t accept any mistakes of butler. However, Because of it, he couldn’t make deep relationship with Miss Kenton. In his butler life, he saw many butlers and maids run away because of their love. He especially didn’t like it because it made Darlington Hall so dizzy. So even if he loved Miss Kenton, he couldn’t express his love toward her. He didn’t want to make Darlington Hall so dizzy because of himself. Actually, He wanted to be a Miss Kenton’s husband, but Darlington Hall was more important to him than his personal life. Therefore, if he married her, their married life will not be happy because Mr. Stevens had been already married to Darlington Hall.

  8. Magali Le Corre

    3- Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    I do not think that Miss Kenton would have been happy marrying Stevens. First of all, both of them have two very different temperaments. On the one hand, Stevens does not express any emotion, rather it is love or sadness, just like we saw with his father on his deathbed. He is simply incapable of doing it. On the other hand, Miss Kenton, even though she can be professional and control her emotions too, she is not scared to express herself. She would say clearly what is on her mind to Stevens, but he would never do so unless it is for a professional matter only. It seems like Miss Kenton needs to know about the other person’s feelings but Stevens cannot do so, express them. He is also so devoted to Lord Darlington and then Mr. Farraday that I don’t think he could put anybody else before them, which is what you are expected to do when you get married. Even if sometimes we say that the opposites attract each other, I do not think that this would result in a healthy marriage. Miss Kenton would not feel complete even though she is in love with Stevens.

  9. Eun-Seong Yang

    9. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

    After reading this book, I want to know about what Stevens finally had at the end of the book. And it could bring these following questions toghether. What are Steven’s ‘the remains of the days’? More specifically, What does the title of this book mean?

    Throughout the story, Stevens seems to have a strong pride in his job. He was proud of his ‘dignity’ in career, believing that Lord Darlington was doing a great job for the whole world. However, at the end of the story, we know that Stevens actually has big regrets and futility of his life for failing to become a some kind of benefit the world. Therefore, I wonder what Stevens had at the end of this story in more detail. Although he is old and makes more mistakes in his work gradually, but he still has a remaining life literally. I think the meaning of the title is a metaphor for human being’s life. In his case, there isn’t much time left, but the evening isn’t over yet. On the sixth day of his journey, Stevens talks to an old man. Then the old man says that the evening is the best part of the day for the most people. So, we can have hope and expectation for the rest of his days.

  10. Juna Lee

    3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    I think it is impossible that they have a happy married life. I believe if they were married, Stevens would have been working at the Darlington Hall because Lord Darlington really trusts him. So working together in the Darlington Hall, they would face many difficulties in living. First of all, Stevens says in this novel that he will never be satisfied until Darlington achieves all that he can do, so it seems like he has no clear his personal goals. On the other hand, Miss Kenton ultimately thinks like getting married and having a family there is a value that she wants to achieve in her life.

    Another one is their personality. Unlike Kenton who is personable, Stevens has a rigid and firm attitude towards everything and does not give his real feelings to others. For example, in the case of the death of Stevens’ father or the dismissal of the Jews, Stevens does not show any emotions, but focused only on his work for Darlington to be formal and refined. Whereas when Stevens says to Miss Kenton that he would fire the Jews, Miss Kenton is angry with it and tells him to quit her job if he fires them. For this reasons, we can see that she knows how to sympathize with others and express her emotions. Therefore, I do not think that Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens because they have different perspectives in the goal of life and the way of expression of their emotions.

  11. Hyejin Yoo

    What do the characters Stevens meets and stays with during his vacation teach him about himself? Give some examples
    During the vacation Stevens met many people. One of the most influential person was the man who was a kind of a butler and retired. Stevens met him on the last day of his trip and changed his values a lot. Actually, this meeting was a kind of coincidence. Stevens went to the pier because his favorite book, The Wonder of England told that the place is beautiful. In addition, the man was sitting next to Stevens and had a conversation by chance.
    However, Stevens got a huge lesson, they got to know that both were a butler, so they became intimate fast. So, Stevens, for the first time, told a stranger that the truth that he had served for Lord Darlington who was a Nazi sympathizer. And confess that nowadays he is not that good at his work and makes a lot of mistakes. So, he did show that he sticks to the past. However, after the man give advices that you should not keep looking back and get depressed, rather you should enjoy your remains of the day, he became positive and not always regret the past and focuses on the present and future.

  12. Yu Jeong Kim

    3.Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?
    While reading the book, Stevens was found to be a very professional person. His father also showed a strong sense of work in his job, and it seemed that Stevens wanted to seem like his father always did own duties diligently. Also in the book, Stevens was able to understand how he felt about the butler’s dignity. It came as a fresh shock to me when Stevens, a man of strong conviction and thought, likes Miss Kenton. When I read the book, Miss Kenton and Stevens really did not match and fought well, so they are like cats and dogs. Later, when Miss Kenton said she would leave the house to get married, it seemed like she wanted Stevens says her “Please don’t go”. However, Stevens was more important about his job as a butler and didn’t seem to have expressed his feelings about Miss Kenton. But like this question, if Stevens married Miss Kenton, could she have a happy marriage? I think This question’s answer is No. Because Stevens would have been given priority to serve his master, doing his mission as a butler. Even when his father died, Stevens kept his job quiet because he thought he had to do it. In that light, I thought it would be difficult for Stevens to understand Miss Kenton’s mind. Then, I assumed that it would be difficult for them to have a happy marriage. because they had a lot of complaints about their partner. Miss Kenton, of course, seemed to be a woman who respects other people’s work and works hard. And, She is likely to put more priority on her family. Therefore, the answer to this question is, I think, not happy.

  13. Jo A Ra

    7.One of the most beautiful scenes in the novel, and one of Stevens’s strongest memories, is him and Miss Kenton watching his father from a window. Why is this such a vivid memory?

    Stevens is a man who is proud of his job and he respects his father as a person who has a same work. To Stevens, William is one of a great butler who has a dignity which is a most important qualification that a butler must have. I think when Stevens called his father to Darlington Hall, he was pride of being a son of such great butler and even if he was not a son of his father, he must have been confident that a person who he hired would do a job well. However, even If William was a great butler in his early days, he was already 70 when he came Darlington hall and too old for the butler job. Stevens must have been surprised at his father’s mistakes and didn’t want to believe that those mistakes are his father did. At this part, I thought Stevens ill befits him because Stevens who is very strict at his job is generous only to his father‘s mistakes that he must have pointed out if those mistakes were not his father do. I think Stevens felt shame and irritation when Miss Kenton pointed out his father‘s mistakes which is hard to believe and hard to dealing with, and therefore Stevens didn‘t accept and defended his father from miss Kenton’s comment. But he had no choice have to admit his father‘s aging after an accident that his father slipped on the lawn and thus it might be a haunting memory that watching his father with Kenton who behaves like someone finding a lost jewel.
    And I also felt Kenton’s description is beautiful that she expressed Stevens’ father seems like a person who find a precious jewel he had dropped there. Because I thought it is a writer‘s intention of showing William who is looking for his youth who was perfect and great as a butler.

  14. HaeRi Seo

    2.Miss Kenton threatens to leave when Lord Darlington fires the Jewish maids, and doesn’t. Is she less wrong, or more wrong, than Stevens, who does nothing?

    When Lord Darlington fires the two Jewish housemaids and tells Stevens that it’s because of their safety and their best interests, Steven doesn’t say anything back to Darlington or doesn’t even ask why he should act like that. He also doesn’t seem to be angry or curious of Darlington’s odd decision. He just agrees to him obediently and also in a passive way. However, Miss Kenton shows a contradictive behavior to Stevens. She gets angry and doesn’t believe what she has heard. She even tells she won’t continue working in the Darlington Hall and threatens to leave if the girls get fired. She doesn’t understand the decision because the girls have served the house in a satisfactory way and it’s unfair for them being fired in this way. However, after she threatens Stevens, she doesn’t leave the house because she had nowhere else to go. The fact that she didn’t leave and didn’t implement on her words can make her look wrong.

    Still, I think Stevens’s behavior for not doing anything is much more wrong than Miss Kenton’s behavior.
    When she keeps asking Stevens, he just says that his lordship has made his decision and that there is nothing Stevens and Miss Kenton can debate over. Through this phrase, we can see that Stevens has a sort of worshipping in Lord Darlington, and I think he believes that what Darlington does is all right. He keeps he has a dignity in himself, but through his behavior, I think he isn’t an excellent butler as he thinks to himself.

  15. Jaeyun Park

    #9. Are there other themes or ideas in the novel you think are interesting?

    Throughout the “The remains of the day”, the most interesting idea was “dignity”. In the book, there were lots of people who show different definitions of dignity. For example, Stevens thinks he can keep his dignity by keeping own rules as butler very strictly in front of other people. And Smith thinks dignity is not an innate thing, so people can have their own dignity by effort. I was wondering why Stevens was so obsessive with keeping his own dignity. Because he thinks he can keep dignity by doing his task as a butler perfectly, he even didn’t care a lot about his father’s death. I think the main reason of Stevens’s obsession of dignity was came from the memory of his father. Stevens’s memory of his father’s perfection and great story as a butler gave him a lot of impression. I think Stevens thought such responsibility made his father very dignified person, so he was very obsessive to keep his dignity to follow the way of living life of his father.
    Another theme that was interesting to me was “dominance”. The environment of the book was the age of Hitler. There was a problem about Lord Darlington’s behavior to Nazi. Also, Dr.Carlisle looked like he wants to dominate village people under him, and consider people who try to keep their own faith like Smith as stupid and useless. So I think the idea of dominance was also important part of this book.

  16. JongHoon Park

    6.What is the meaning of the “banter” which Stevens feels he should learn to do? Why does he return to that idea at the very end of the novel?

    Stevens is depicted as a formal butler who is always serious and only tries to do his job. He, who has worked in the Darlington Hall for 34 years, cannot endure inaccuracy, so he tends to avoid expressing inexact emotions. For example, he didn’t reveal his feelings about Kenton. However, he begins to recall his memories regarding the old days and regrets his attitudes and actions at that time. In that sense, I think “banter” means an informal way to live a pleasant life. In other words, he hopes to be a warm-hearted and emotional now.
    In my opinion, the main reason of this change of his mind is that he has loved Kenton and he also gets to know her favourable mind toward him. Unfortunately, it is irreversible because she already left Darlington Hall and doesn’t want to return to there. Another reason is that Stevens believed in Lord Darlington in the past, but it is ended. It is revealed that Darlington supported the Nazi, which makes Stevens regret his bygone days as a faithful butler.

  17. jong eun won

    3.Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    Kenton likedsteven and expressed her love to him. He noticed her mind and  had a good feeling, too. But he pretend to unkown and ignore her mind. Finally, she gave up and engage with the other guy and felt sad. After time passes, she divorced and write the letter to steven. But I think If the kenton married stevens, she could not be happy, too. Because steven was too loyal for his owner and focoused only on something related to  
    his duty. Really, he did not care relationship and have exprience to travel the U.K to be a good butler. If they married,  stevens only focus on his duty and work hard. So he makes her feel lonely and she is not happy. Maybe they will usually fight, becaus they have different values and idea about many things. They are not good partner for each other. So I think their marriage is not happy.

  18. lee ji won

    What does stevens care most deeply about? Does he believe that he has lived up to his own standard?

    Behind the importance of dignity that he cares about, I think he cares for his loved ones. His father and miss Kenton. At the first day of road trip, he tells about the butler should do, behave like by giving three examples about it. For him, dignity was his interest and cares about how. But, second day the recalls of memories becoming blunt that recalls the regrets of the past that he did not care about his father and did not watch his father dying. While he was busy working. The first day of his dignity (which was rules for him) was becoming blunt. Though the road travel, he met different kinds of person and he learnt and regrets about the past he had not care about. Who was miss Kenton and his father.

    Yes, at the first reflection, he told the butlers’ dignity was living for employee and serving as best as he can be and he believed what he should do and he lived for his own standard. He thought about his right.

  19. JunYeong Park

    3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    Actually, I think that Miss. Kenton and Stevens live unhappy life if they get married. First, their personality is contrast to each other. The values of dignity as a servant which Miss. Kenton and Stevens have is very similar, but there is one obvious difference between them. That is Stevens unconditionally stick to his own values about dignity, but Miss. Kenton is different. She makes decisions based on her own thought and belief, not unconditionally accepting the needs of her master in performing her duty. It is her dignity and value of life that she thinks of herself. Therefore, there will be a number of conflicts between them if they get married.

    For example, their future can be expected from the affairs about Stevens’ father and the Jewish maids. These two cases representatively provide vividly the distinctive characteristics between them to readers. Through these conflicts, I could know that their values in duty will not change easily even if their attitudes and personalities can change, fitting to each other. In conclusion, I think that their married life will break down a brief time later, because the mutual thoughts and beliefs are clearly different. In that sense, it is almost natural that their hopeless love does not come about.

  20. Yoo Se Dong

    3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?

    In my opinion, if Miss Kenton got married to Stevens, the end of their married life must have been ruined. Because they too different life values from each other. In the book, there was an event that two Jewish maids got fired. At that time, Stevens couldn’t do anything but follow the lord Darlington. But Miss Kenton was quite different. She wanted to get it right. I mean she thought Darlington’s idea was wrong and didn’t want to follow his order. Even she told Stevens that she would leave if two Jewish maids get fired. But she never does.
    This was not the only case that they show their differences. Stevens is born as inflexible and unemotional person while Miss Kenton is emotional and thoughtful. He rarely shows his emotions to other people. The time he shows his emotion mostly happened when Mr.Farraday jokes to him. He just wants not to be offensive to Mr.Farraday. He just reacts to his jokes and tries to make him fun with his joke. But he always fails. In contrast, Miss Kenton actively express her emotion to other people. She often cries whenever someone dies and also shows anger more directly than Stevens. For these reasons, I think they would not make happy marriage life.

  21. Seonghee Song

    Realistically, I think Miss Kenton could have been happy if she married to Stevens. There are two reasons why I think like that. Firstly, in my opinion, she could have lived happy life with Stevens because he expressed his good feeling toward her directly and on the other hand, without realizing it. For example, it can be inferred that many changes in him at the end of this novel occurred because of the letter from her that describes her unhappy married life. It is the most decisive factor that made him decide to go on a vacation. Like this, through this, it can be inferred that he loved her a lot even lots of time had passed from she had got married and this means that she could have lived a merry married life with him with his overflowing love.
    Secondly, he dedicated his life to the loyal service of Lord Darlington and was a butler with high standards and particularly concerned with dignity. From this kind of his characteristic, we can make a prediction that he will do his best to her if they get married. For he does his best to his work, in this case, it could be love toward Miss Kenton when they get married. Through these two factors, his continuous love toward her and characteristic would make their marriage happy.

    1. Seonghee Song

      This was a posting of a question number 3. Realistically, do you think Miss Kenton could have been happy married to Stevens?.

  22. Utkrista Malla

    Miss Kenton threatens to leave when Lord Darlington fires the Jewish maids, and doesn’t. Is she less wrong, or more wrong, than Stevens, who does nothing?

    I believe Miss Kenton is less wrong than Stevens . While Miss Kenton doesn’t actually leave, she does voice her opinion. Despite not having anywhere else to go, she threatens to leave. She put her livelihood at risk to protest against what she truly believes to be wrong. If she had anywhere else to go to after quitting, I believe that she would have done so. In contrast, Stevens, despite knowing that it wasn’t quite right to fire the maids solely based on their race, doesn’t do anything about it. In fact, he lays the burdensome duty of firing the maids on Miss Kenton, as he isn’t comfortable with doing it himself. Moreover, he does so at the end of a conversation with Miss Kenton so as to avoid talking about it as much as possible.

    Here, we see Miss Kenton risking her livelihood for a good cause, and Stevens turning a blind eye to his own sense of morality and putting his responsibility on someone else. By talking about what is morally wrong but socially accepted, one adds a drop to a metaphorical ocean that leads to social rejection of what is wrong. And something, no matter how small, is infinitely better than nothing.

  23. Chang Innae

    6.What is the meaning of the “banter” which Stevens feels he should learn to do? Why does he return to that idea at the very end of the novel?

    At the end of the novel, Stevens looks at the people around him and feels loneliness because most of the people were doing what Stevens called ‘bantering’, which means teasing or joking talk which is amusing and friendly. Stevens finally realises how much he had lost due to his lack of humanity and caring for himself and others, as a result for not knowing how to banter. He regrets his past.
    However, he decides that he will now focus on his left life, and that the only one who is left beside him is Mr. Farraday. Mr. Farraday is now Stevens’ new master, so he now focuses on how to serve Mr. Farraday well. He remembers that his new master liked bantering and that he tried to act friendly with Stevens by using bantering. Remembering bantering and the kindness he experienced through Mr. Farraday makes Stevens to challenge on a completely new field of bantering and taking care of others.


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