Brit Soc & Contemp Novs: Final Paper Assignment

Course Paper Project for British Society & Contemporary Novels

Topics already approved  * No more proposals about Stevens *

  1. Remains: How and why is Stevens ‘ambivalent’?
  2. Remains: Who is the best servant at Darlington House– Stevens, his father, or Miss Kenton?
  3. Teeth: Why does Millat join KEVIN? What does it mean for him?
  4. Bridget: Bridget and the women in the novel are pro-feminist characters.
  5. Remains: How does Stevens lie to himself?
  6. Remains: What are the remains of the day? What does the title mean?
  7. Guards: Why is Vimes so obsessed with catching the dragon?
  8. Remains: Why and how does Darlington become a Nazi sympathizer?
  9. Remains: If Miss Kenton liked Stevens, why didn’t their relationship develop?
  10. Teeth: How was Archie’s second life better than his first?
  11. Remains: What made Miss Kenton so frustrated when Lisa eloped with the footman?
  12. Bridget/Remains: How do Bridget and Miss Kenton deal with emotions of love?
  13. Teeth: How do Archie and Samad remain friends when they’re so different?
  14. Bridget: How does Bridget’s mother’s selfishness affect Bridget and others?
  15. Remains: How Darlington Hall is a symbolic fortress from the outside world.
  16. Teeth: What does Irie learn about her identity from living with Hortense?
  17. Bridget: Why do we love or sympathize with Bridget when she always makes mistakes?
  18. Remains/Bridget: how do Bridget’s and Steven’s fathers affect their children?
  19. Bridget: What does the last page of the novel tell the reader?
  20. Bridget: Why are some scenes depicted differently in the movie version?
  21. Bridget: If Mark or Daniel are better matches for Bridget, how and why?
  22. Guards: How does Vimes show a scientific attitude where others don’t?
  23. Remains: What do the hot cocoa scenes mean to the story or characters?
  24. Guards: What role does Errol play in the novel?
  25. Remains: Is Miss Kenton, in the end, the happiest character?
  26. Guards: If not Vetinari, who would make a better king/leader? Vimes?
  27. Bridget: Is Bridget still a sympathetic female character in 2018?

Write an MLA format argument paper of about 800 words on one (or more) of the course texts we studied: Bridget Jones’s Diary, White Teeth, Guards! Guards!, or Remains of the Day. Try to discuss an issue or theme which explains the text(s); simply comparing two characters can be boring unless the comparison tells us something meaningful. Feel free to look at the blog questions or think about the presentations for ideas.

Due date, first draft: Monday, June 4 in class (paper only, no e-mails)

  1. The paper must state an argument with examples and reasons, focused on the text.
  2. It’s OK if you use evidence or history from the time period of the text to help explain it, so long as your emphasis is on the text. Do not write a paper which is really about your best friend or about K-Pop.
  3. The paper must directly quote from the text to prove your arguments. If your paper has three irrelevant quotes I will assume you didn’t read the text. Use short quotes rather than padding the paper with useless long quotes.
  4. Important!: Here is how the paper will work. You will e-mail me (keneckert @ hanyang. ac. kr) a one paragraph proposal, where you will describe what you are going to discuss and what question or argument you are going to answer or prove in your paper. You should do this soon, because: a) I won’t accept a paper without an accepted proposal; and b) once a proposal is accepted, no other student can write on the same argument. For this reason your proposal needs to be specific. I will reject vague, one-sentence proposals saying, e.g. “I want to write about why Daniel is bad.” How and why is he bad? How will you prove it?
  • Again, the most common reason proposals are rejected is that they are too short and vague.
  • Your second paper in this course will be a revision of this first paper, due on the last day of classes by e-mail (Monday, June 18).
  • We will be spending four classes discussing how to write, research, and edit academic argument papers.
  • Refer to the “Files” heading on this site for an example of MLA formatting. We’ll discuss this in class as well.
  • Grading will be on four criteria: Grammar; structure; argumentation, and text support (quoting). Each draft is worth 15%.