Brit Soc & Lit 2: Group 2 Pygmalion Podcast

Students in British Society & Literature 2 should listen to this podcast about Pygmalion.

  • Each group may ask up to two questions about the podcast for presentation question credit, using the “Leave a reply” comment link.
  • Group 2 is also responsible for answering your question in the comments.
  • I’ll be turning off the question function in about one week.

9 thoughts on “Brit Soc & Lit 2: Group 2 Pygmalion Podcast

  1. Yoo jieun

    I heard your podcast very well and I have a question!!

    During mrs Higgins tea party, Eliza had perfect pronunciation and looks but still was not ready…..
    and I wounder how you think about that!!!!

    1. Yujin Chai

      Thanks for listening our podcast. As you know, Eliza was a person who needed a lot of knowledge and good-mannered attitude. But as time goes by, thanks to Mrs. Pearce, Higgins and Pickering, she could have changed into a perfect person.

      Because making a person totally different requires a lot of energy and time, Eliza would have needed so much effort and time also. Although she dressed up nicely and speak clearly, still there was not enough time for Eliza to being completely changed until the tea party I believe.

  2. Heeran Kang

    Hi I’m from group 5. First of all, thank you for uploading your podcast! Was very impressive and I had a lot of fun listening to it. There were so many interesting ideas in it as well. What I was wondering at the end was that if Eliza is becoming like Mrs. Pearce towards the ending of the story, do you guys think Mrs. Pearce is more like a mother to Higgins as well? I have thought that Eliza became similar to Higgins’s mother at the end while listening to the other group’s presentation, but Higgins does not seem to be as much interested in Mrs. Pearce as he is in his own mother or Eliza. I would like to know what you guys think about Higgins’s attitudes towards Mrs. Pearce. Thank you in advance.

    1. Chaehwa song

      Thank you for your idea. Um..well i think Higgins treats Mrs.Pearce as housekeeper only unlike Eliza. Our group said that Eliza became more and more like Mrs.Pearce at the end and Higgins also treated her like Mrs.pearce. But Higgins taught Eliza as his student and along togather for six months. Actually there is no word they were stick together in daily life but she must have time together more than have time with Mrs.Pearce. So Higgins could treat Mrs.Pearce as housekeeper only because they don’t spent time together i believe.

  3. Kim Ye Rim

    Hi, I’m from group 6. Thank you for uploading your podcast and I really enjoyed listening to it. I also think the topic was also impressive because I never thought about Mrs. Pearce as the one who most made Eliza to a lady. However, I could admit your conclusion when I ended up listening through it.
    And here’s my question. Do you think Mrs. Pearce did really think Eliza as a daughter? In the play, Higgins persuades Mrs. Peace to adopt Eliza as a daughter to make sure he continues to teach her. I wonder how really she feels Eliza in her mind.

  4. Yujin Chai

    Thanks for listening our podcast and I am sorry for replying so late. I believe Mrs. Pearce would have felt strong affection for Eliza and unpleasant for what Higgins suggested. Although she seemed snobbish to Eliza at first, she is actually kind-hearted and good person. She was the one who really cared Eliza’s future and took care of Eliza from the beginning to the end. She must have considered Eliza more than just a guest.

    Also, I believe Mrs. Pearce would have had a sense of kinship to Eliza. Eliza was scared of being used by Higgins just for an experiment. Likewise, Mrs. Pearce would have put in a same situation being used by Higgins. Eliza once said that Mrs. Pearce tried to quit her job, but because she often fell from the honeyed words of Higgins, she was still working for him. Watching Eliza, Mrs.Pearce might have projected herself to Eliza. Because of that, she could not but warm to her. Furthermore, she must have displeased what Higgins said, because she realized the intention of him.

    1. ji won lee

      So, they bond their relation into mother and daughter. To Eliza,her mothers were not normal people,she doesn’t really made a bond with them. However, Mrs Pearce takes well care of her and teaches how to be a lady. And even more they shares same Higgins problem. Those similarities made a bond and that leads mother and daughter relationship. So, this relationship made Higgins gelous and it made him to say adopt Eliza.

  5. Hyejin Yoo

    Hello. I’m from group 1, and thank you for your potcast. After listening to your potcast, I agreed with your idea that Mrs. Pearce affted Eliza a lot and Eliza became similar to Mrs. Pierce in the end. But, I have a question about Mrs. Higgins because I thought she also had some influence on Eliza’s change. Also I believe that’s why Eliza went to Mrs. Higgins’ house after leaving Higgins’ house. Do you think Mrs. Higgins also had some influence on Eliza’s change?

  6. Hansol Lee

    Hello. Thank you for your potcast. It was very interesting! I am from group1 and I wondered about your idea about Pickering. He treat Eliza with respect. What is his idea for her? daugher? Just Higgins’ student?

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