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Please write about two paragraphs, or 200 words, thinking about the peer edit we did in class October 17. Sample ideas: What did you do?– Was it productive?– What did you learn about your writing?– What did you learn about other people’s writing?– How do you feel your writing can change or grow over the semester?

6 thoughts on “Writing English Essays: Peer Edit Feedback

  1. YeonHwa Baek

    In peer editing, two peers, including me, presented a brief report on what their thesis state was before doing peer edit of each other’s writing and then received feedback from peers about each writing.
    At first, I felt uncomfortable with the task of having to pronounce a judgment on their peers’ writing. However, as I went through peer editing, I figured out something that I wasn’t sure about, and I was able to get some help from them in peer edit. I learned how to read carefully with others as well as attention to the details of a piece of writing and not only was interesting to know other people’s writing styles and ideas, but we also learned the process of communicating and receiving constructive feedback. I was also able to get a lot of help in the direction of the subject from peer’s ideas that I’ve never thought about.
    There is one thing that needs to be improved in peer edit is to use time in a balanced way. I felt that 50 minutes was a bit short to share opinions each other. for such reason, the last peer was not able to present his writing satisfactorily so we had no choice but to help him even after class.
    Next time, I think peer editing time would be satisfied for everyone if we could add a little more time by supplementing this problem. furthermore, I hope this peer editing will give us more feedback to help us write during the semester.

  2. Byul Lim

    On October 17, I had a peer review with my classmates. It took about 20 minutes for each to describe our own work and get feedback. I would say the class was both valuable and productive for several reasons. First, my partners suggested me a lot of ideas that they wanted to me add more detail on the introduction part for early research and the peculiarities of my thesis. The suggestions helped me a lot getting on right track because they were things that I also thought it was lacking. Second, I could learn how my peers approached their thesis and thought about their major field. With the one student studying same major as I am, we could share same ideas of how English education system in Korea goes on and what to be improved with the topics we are working on. With the other student in science field, it was interesting to hear his field which was so new to me, but I could learn how he approached with two big ideas into his final thesis. In my research, I would like to improve my writing with more reasonable research purpose and I want to look for some studies that were focused on my study area. Finally, I believe my English writing skill be more improved at the end of the semester. And I wish I could learn more higher writing skills and have ability to view scholarly work more critically and academically in this class.

  3. Xun Ye

    During the last class, we had a peer editing successfully according to the schedule of the class. It was a very wonderful experience to work with my classmates focusing on each other’s paper draft. Each one presented his paper loudly and then received feedback from the other two members. Here are three conclusions I can draw from this peer editing:
    First, in my opinion, the reason why we execute the peer editing is that we can find some problems that ourselves may not realize when preparing our paper, from the perspective of the audience. For example, I did not express my argument clearly in my paper according to my group members’ feedbacks. I should improve it and spend more pages to support my position.
    Second, one of the group members provided good proof to support his position, but it was too redundant which gave us the impression that it was just repeated sentences. The other one brought a paper in his own research field, it’s hard for us to understand the full paper. Anyway, our peer editing is fruitful, we all got feedbacks that are helpful to our English paper writing.
    Third, time is so limited that we cannot fully understand each other’s idea in each paper. More critical comments will be given if we have enough time to perform the proofreading.
    I think different people have different writing skill and writing style. While we persist in our own style we should also pay much attention to other people’s comments. It will make your paper perfect.

  4. Junhui Jiang

    On October 17th, I was absent because of attending the conference. However, with the help of my classmates (Xun Ye and Xiongfeng Zhang) I also finished peer edit, we first read drafts carefully, then we further discuss and exchange the ideas. It is a productive and impressive experience.
    Different people have different experience and views so that they can see the weakness of our paper that our own cannot detect. Even though we carefully write and revise the paper, we cannot make it perfect due to our narrow vision. Consequently, peer edit can help us to address this issue and make our paper more reasonable and logical. For me, one member of our groups pointed out that the central argument of my paper was not clear. Because I made my paper broadly, I should make it narrow and focus on one or two issue. This comment is very reasonable, and I revised my paper based on comments.
    With the help of different people’s eyes, I can improve my writing skills rapidly. I am appreciated I can have this kind of experience.

  5. Zhang, Xiongfeng

    On the last class, my classmates and I had peer review on our papers. It took almost 20 minutes for each one to introduce your own paper and then get comments from the other two partners. Regarding of these comments, it is very helpful for me to further improve my paper. Besides, when I review my partners’ papers, I can learn a lot beyond my research area and broaden my vision. Based on comments from my partners, I summarize them into two key points as follows:

    First, I did not give specific examples to support my argument according to my partners’ comments. I should improve it and take more pages to give specific examples in order to support my view.

    Second, reduce the content violate my viewpoint and add more evidences to support my view.

    Regarding of these, I will carefully think about these comments and try my best to modify my essay.
    This peer review activity is really helpful for me. I wish we have more opportunities to organize peer review activity.

  6. Kim SungHae

    For peer editing, I’d prepared my own paper based on my experimental result. In class, my classmates presented their own articles written, I did as well. Based on the discussion at that time, peer editing with classmates who might be studying totally different field was very interested because the aspect against to others is very different. Even though it was focused on the structural differences into paper, their opinion towards my paper was extraordinary.
    I am sure that was very helpful and productive for me, and it was also great chance to find a structural differences from another field. I hope that I enlarges my writing skills depending on their opinion and what I am learning in this class.


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