British Soc & Lit 2: Hitchhiker’s Guide Podcast

Students in British Society & Literature 2 should listen to this podcast about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Kyungho (Eliot) Lee.

  • Each group may ask up to two questions about the podcast for presentation question credit, using the “Leave a reply” comment link.
  • Kyungho is also responsible for answering your question in the comments.
  • I’ll be turning off the question function in about one week.

3 thoughts on “British Soc & Lit 2: Hitchhiker’s Guide Podcast

  1. Jieun Yoo

    First, it was a very interesting topic my question is this.

    Q.How do you think about books that have no meaning in an important event or word ? In more detail do you think the author has the responsibility to satisfy readers by giving meaningful answeres?

  2. Jeonghyeon, Ahn

    Hi, I’m Jeonghyeon from group 3.
    Thanks for giving the chance to listen your good podcast.

    And here is my question : What is the role of “42” as a MacGuffin in detail?
    What is the benefit for using the MacGuffin? To cheat readers? To satisfy readers? To lead the story more sleekly? Or just Nothing? I want to know your opinion more!

  3. Dong Jun, Jang

    I’m DongJun from group 4.
    42 might be the most important topic in Hitchhiker’s Guide. As you said, it was used as Macguffin to make readers for fun.

    This is my question.
    Is it really used just for fun? This novel has lots of series. Except silly things, is there any purpose of this novel? some kind of perspectives?

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