Writing English Essays: Peer Edit Feedback 2

Responsive feedback — blog post 2 for Writing English Essays students
Please write about two paragraphs, or 200 words, thinking about the peer edit we did in class November 21. Sample ideas: What did you discuss?– Was it productive?– What did you learn about your writing?– What did you learn about other people’s writing?– How do you feel your writing style is changing or growing over the semester?

7 thoughts on “Writing English Essays: Peer Edit Feedback 2

  1. Baek Yeonhwa

    Last Wednesday, we had a second peer editing time in essay class. We brought our papers which got modified via group feedback at the first peer edit and with this, we presented how far we had advanced our essay. By looking through other essay formats, I bet they have a lot of experience to write papers than me so not only to get useful feedback or idea from them, but also to know various forms such as IEEE format that I couldn’t recognized. Obviously, because we have a different major, it was a meaningful time to hear unfamiliar subjects in depth. As time goes by, I ‘m getting learned about the form and method of writing, and became concerned about what I had previously overlooked. furthermore, peer edit would certainly be utilize as a worthwhile time to finish writing our essay.

  2. Xun Ye

    This time, we three members proceeded the 2nd peer editing during the class, the results are fruitful. Each one presented his paper loudly and then received feedback from the other two members. We wrote down every comment we received and further discussed these comments. Here are three conclusions I can draw from this 2nd peer editing:
    First, comparing to peer editing at the first time, we know exactly what we should do toward our papers, we know how to give valuable comments on our papers. All these are based on the knowledge we learned in the class, e.g., the structure of the paper, position, arguments, and citations.
    Second, when we do the peer editing, we not only can receive valuable comments from other members, but also find out the drawbacks of our papers by ourselves, and even generate some new ideas.
    Third, having the experience from first peer editing, this time we members finished the editing job with less time. At the same time, I think we should check our papers more times by ourselves before asking others for proofreading, this will make peer editing more effective.
    All in all, I feel my editing skill improves a lot, so do others. And this time editing will help me finalize the 3rd version of my paper. By the way, thanks for the efforts of my members.

  3. Junhui Jiang

    On November 21st, we did the peer edit for the second draft. There are three members in our group, after sharing our paper copy, we read it loudly. Afterward, each member gave their comments; also, we had a further discussion. Many useful comments are published, such as, reference should be much more, and its formate need to be modified, tense of the article should be consistent, as well as if there are some mate languages before the section seems to be better. Focus on my paper; it has been suggested that I should propose my argument at the beginning of the article rather than the interrogative sentence. This is a productive discussion so that I can make my second draft much more perfect. The others’ papers appear to be much more reliable and logical because of many references. This should benefit from the projects and training we have done on citations. For me, it is easier for me to organize a paper with the logical and reasonable structure, in the meanwhile, I have already learned how to use evidence to argue aid at supporting my view. However, there still existed some issues for me, i.e., monotonous vocabulary, grammatical error, and ambiguous expression. It is my goal to address these issues until this semester.

  4. Zhang, Xiongfeng

    On November 21st, we had peer editing for the second draft. In our group, we have three members. Each of us read and introduce our own paper. Afterward, other members gave their own comments based on their understanding. During this process, each of us learned a lot. I tried to summarize these comments as follows:
    First, more reference should be added in paper, and its format need to be modified in order to keep them consistent.
    Second, tense need to be kept consistent from beginning to the end in the article.
    Third, highlight your own opinion at the beginning of the article and try to find powerful arguments to demonstrate your point of view.
    Regarding of these, I will carefully think about these comments and try my best to modify my essay.
    This peer review activity was really helpful for me. I wished we have more opportunities to organize peer review activity.

  5. Byul Lim

    I would say the 2nd peer edit which our class had was both productive yet kind of fun. We discussed our essays we were still working on. Even though the members in my group have different majors and I thought it could be very complicated to discuss of what each student had worked in his or her essay, everyone was very focused listening others and giving comments that would be helpful for further works. It was so impressive others read my writing and give me some different or news ideas that I had never realized when I look at my essay. Because everyone has different points of view and interest, someone pointed the structures and its connection between my essay and another talked about the contents and and how I explain my arguments. Also, I had time to listen and look at others’ works. They were so professional I think both in their major field and its way to solve their thesis. It helped me a lot and made me keep looking at and edit my essay until I have few errors found. Actually, I know there is no perfect writing of my own but I learned my opinions and ideas could be changed every time I see it, so I need to work on it till I get my final done. Over the semester, I feel that I really need to study more about grammar and writing structures in professional ways too. For sure, to me, taking the class is a challenge and valuable in a positive way.


    We had reviewed for each paper, mainly focusing on the structures and the storytelling. It was a very refreshing experience for me because it is a great chance to find the paper from other fields. Especially, as a person who is studying in Materials Engineering field, the study which is totally opposite side from me such as English was very interesting, including the structural difference between two different studying. For me, I realized that I need to be a more expert in terms of how to tell my scientific reports logically. This chance gave me challenging inputs to be a more competitive guy.

  7. Jeanseong Baik

    Peer reviews were conducted in groups of four. One of them is an engineer of the same kind as myself, and his research has pinpointed the direction of the paper, then I got two Enlightenments.

    1) I have to find a very specific small application. I should not be greedy trying to solve everything. Particularly, my topic is wide and distracted.

    2) I need to find a reasonable comparison target. In fact, the backup system I’m comparing to is already ancient and does not reflect the latest trends at all. I was lazy to investigate prior studies.

    Most of the comments on other people’s papers were also included to me. Having peer reviews with people from various research groups made me realize how important it is to make the other person understand well and structure the sentence well. And understanding the rules of references helped correcting my mistakes.


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