British Soc & Modern Novels: Lucky Jim Podcast

Students in British Society & Modern Novels should listen to this podcast about Lucky Jim by Group 7.

  • Each group may ask up to two questions about the podcast for presentation question credit, using the “Leave a reply” comment link.
  • Group 7 is also responsible for answering your question in the comments.

12 thoughts on “British Soc & Modern Novels: Lucky Jim Podcast

  1. Ma Chunyu

    I am Ma Chun Yu from Group 2. Your podcast is very interesting, and the topic is very good. So I have two questions about it.

    Question1. As you referred, that Dixon cheated Christine, because he didn’t tell her about the fair between Bertrand and Carol. In my opinion, it is not cheat. If he told her this, he is a little immoral whether it will cause them break up or not. I think it shows that Dixon respects Christine and does not want to use improper manner to destroy others in order to achieve his goals. What do you think of it?

    Question2. Actually,I think there is no bad person in this novel. Anything they do is just because that they want to defend their own proper interests, to earn a living in this society. They do not hurt others, if they do, not much, just a little. Like Mr Welch, he didn’t want to tell Dixon if he could continue his work, because he wanted Dixon to work hard for him, and many people do like this. So I think he is not bad, what do you think of it?

    1. Chaehwa Song

      Thank you for your question, as we said our group thinks that each of character shows their selfishness throughout novel. So, we are hard to agree with your idea that there are any bad person in the novel. We think that they didn’t limited their actions not only defending their own proper interests or to earn a living but also showed their selfishness, we think. It is true that they didn’t hurt people physically, but they gave big stress to each other psychologically. And Welch, he showed his authority to Dixon because of his unstable job and gave a pressure to him. For example, if a person who is a temporary worker at the job works under a boss like Welch, he would be painful because he would not know whether he will be hired or not. If such a figure is a common in society, we think we should break the custom.

    2. heejin An

      Question 1.
      Thank you for your question :).
      At the first time, I also thought like you about that Dixon didn’t tell Christine. However, while I was reading a book, my idea was changed. As I said in podcast, Christine looked that she wanted to Dixon to tell her about the relationship between Bertrand and Carol. So, she asked Dixon why he didn’t tell her fact. At this point, I think telling her the fact is more helpful for Christine rather than keeping the fact. Also, Dixon said “I couldn’t. It wouldn’t have done me any good” (248). I think It means that Dixon just didn’t tell because it doesn’t give him any good, it wasn’t for respecting Christine.

  2. Yujin Choi

    Hello, I am Yujin Choi from group 1. I think it is a quite interesting form of presenting opinions after reading a book 🙂

    When I was listening to your podcast, I got to have one simple question.
    One of your team members mentioned that Dixon is the worst character in this novel. Do you think that his relation with Margaret is sincere? I totally respect your opinion. Also, all I want to mean is that the relationship between Dixon and Margaret was not true one. It seems that Margaret actually tried to take only emotional benefits from him. In this relationship, Dixon could hardly feel any emotion such as bonding. From this reason, I think He had no obligation to carry on this relationship and his meeting with Christine was not a betray on her.

    1. heejin An

      Thank you for your question 🙂
      I agree with you that the relationship between Dixon and Margaret was not true one. However, their relationship is closer to love-hatred than couple. I think this love-hatred made Dixon feel bond with Margaret. Dixon was hard to face Margaret, at this point, I think he felt some sense of guilt. The fact he felt some guilt means that Dixon had responsibility with Margaret to some degree. If he didn’t have obligation, he wouldn’t felt guilty.

  3. Yoon Chang Ho

    Hi, I am Changho Yoon from group 1. I like your topic because I also wonder which character is the worst person in ‘Lucky Jim’.
    One of your group members said that she had thought Dixon is the worst character because of his shameless and immoral behavior. I totally agree with you. Throughout this book, I think that Dixon is terrible to complain without any effort to change his unsatisfactory life. He does not know the value of effort. And he just waits for the LUCK to change his life.
    Anyway, Dixon gets a new job and is going to move to London with his new lover, Christine. After this time, Is Dixon going to be changed? Does Dixon now try hard at everything and try to have a true relationship with others?

    1. heejin An

      Thank you for question 🙂
      Your question is interesting. I think he will be changed. It is becuase he turend to be different as the story unfolds whether he became good or bad. So, there is possible that he would be changed again.
      Also, I think happy ending with Christine is a start of change for him.

  4. Han-sol, Lee

    Hello, I am Hanslo Lee from group 3. I am glad to listen your podcast. I have two questions.
    Question1. I think the worst people in the book is Maragert. She employes emional blackmail and give big stress to his boyfriens for her satisfaction. I think this is kind a mental torture which makes people exhausted. What do you think about it?

    You criticized Mrs.Welch as she ignores Dixon with her socially higher statue, but I don’t think so. Dixon made flaws her items and made lies to her when he called to Welch. She might know that he would not talk the truth if she had not found it. From this facts, she could think that he is not good man and he is a lier. Because of that, she have no choice but to act like that. What do you think about this?

    1. Chaehwa Song

      Thank you for your question, we also talked about Magaret and we agree with your idea. Actually our group have to pick just three peple for discussing about the topic, we have to find a coomom feature of each characters to make the podcast smoothly , so we deleted Magraret. But we also think about what you said so we agree with your idea.

      1. Lee so jung


        Thank for your question. I respect your opinion, but even though she did not exactly the fact of the event, what she threats Dixon with power is wrong. In addition, As you can see“ Mr Dixon is used to being talked to like that, I’m sure”, This line shows Mrs. welch ignored Dixon naturally and thought that she has a right to say slighting remarks to Dixon.

  5. Na, JongIn

    Hello, I am Jongin From group 2.

    I want to ask ‘what is the meaning of immorality your group want to say”?
    All members in your group chose one worst character, and the main reason was each character`s ‘immorality’. I understand they are ‘immoral’, but I want to know the meaning of immorality in detail.

    It means that immorality is really wide concept, so I want to know there is common ‘immoral thing’ between three characters that the members of your group want to criticize. For example, “all the characters do not respect other people”.

    Thank you for your intersting podcast!

    1. Chaehwa Song

      Thank you for your question, it is true that immorality has a really wide concept. so our group focused on immorality and narrowed into” affair and isult”. Bertrand, Mr.and Mrs. Welch ignored a person(Dixon). Bertrand and Dixon have affair with someone. Actually, we felt that it is difficult to find a common thing to cover all the characters. Anyway Thank you:)

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