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British Soc & Lit 1 Group Sign-Up Mar 2019

Date: March 1, 2019

Sign up for the group you like. You don't need to enter your telephone number. Sometimes this form will repeat a name by mistake-- you can tell me and I will fix it.

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What Available Spots
Merchant Apr 2 (or Chaucer) #1: soo in l.
#2: jahyun k.
#3: jimin l.
Merchant Apr 2 #1: An H.
#2: Seol J.
#3: Yejin K.
Pride & Prej Apr 18 #1: Jaeyun P.
#2: HaeRi S.
#3: Byunghyun K.
Pride & Prej Apr 18 #1: Kim M.
#2: Jar Eun H.
Poetry May 7 #1: yu s.
#2: jang h.
#3: seo h.
Dorian Gray May 21 #1: Jungyeon K.
#2: Kim G.
Dorian Gray May 21 #1: ching hsuan l.
#2: Ziling W.
#3: jin j.

2 thoughts on “British Soc & Lit I: Group Sign-Up

  1. Ziling Wang

    Hello, I’m Ziling Wang.
    Sorry for the wrong selection, please help me to delete the 5/21.
    My teammates are #1: ching hsuan l. and #3: jin j.
    Thank you.

  2. Cho Gunhee.

    I’m Cho Gunhee.
    Sorry I registered wrong presentation(I’m not in this class!)
    Please delete my name from this sheet.
    Thank you.

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