Brit Soc Contemp Novs: Blog Post 1 (Bridget Jones)

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding (1996)

Blog posts due & Presentations: Monday, March 25

Write a post here of two paragraphs (about 200 words) discussing Bridget Jones’s Diary. Choose one topic, or make your post a reply to someone else’s post.

For the presentations, choose one topic per group. Your presentation must present an opinion or argument; it cannot just summarize the story. You must e-mail or speak to me before your presentation to have it approved.

  1. Why do you think the author wrote the book as a series of diary entries? How does it change how we understand the story?
  2. Bridget often lies to herself in the entries, telling herself that she doesn’t like Daniel or that she will eat better or stop smoking. Why does she do this?
  3. Is it right for Bridget to be trying to date her boss all the time, or is it Daniel who is at fault? Why is she so attracted to him?
  4. Do you feel sympathy for Bridget, or does she get what she deserves sometimes for being lazy or silly or having bad personal habits like drinking too much?
  5. Discuss Mark Darcy. Does he treat Bridget properly, or is he wrong to look down on her initially? Why is he attracted to her?
  6. The novel is sometimes hostile to men, but Bridget’s father seems kind and is hurt by Bridget’s mother. Is there a reason the author makes her mother this way?
  7. Is Rebecca catty and mean, or is it maybe true as some critics say, that she is justifiably jealous of Bridget’s career and adventures? Are there times when Bridget is wrong, or fails to understand other people?
  8. Feminists have criticized the novel because Bridget isn’t very feminist; she can do stupid things and really only cares about getting a man. Is this true? Is this a fair criticism?
  9. Does the novel teach a lesson or have a moral to it? What is it?

2 thoughts on “Brit Soc Contemp Novs: Blog Post 1 (Bridget Jones)

  1. Hye Joon Jeon

    I think Bridget lies can be interpreted in two ways. First, She knows that her actions will be criticized by others. She relieves stress by eating like an eating disorder. Also, it continues an unhealthy love relationship. She lies about this situation because she knows it is wrong. Second, Her lies seem to be a fictional device. The reader can manage a novel through realizing that Bridget tells a lie. I think this is what the writer intended.

  2. Fama Fall


    In 1995 Bridget Jones was created by Helen Fielding, who finally offered to modern women across the world a relatable character.
    At the very beginning of the book, the fictional British publisher lists her New Year’s resolutions goals such as: drinking less, stop smoking, be more confident, diet and stop falling for “commitment phobics.”
    However, throughout the book we can clearly see Bridget falling out her path, giving up on her commitments and falling in love with her boss, Daniel Cleaver.
    From reading the book I believe that the biggest enemy Bridget faces is herself. Her second mistake is wanting to conform to the impossible beauty standards that society imposes us. Society pressures women to look in a certain way, as if the worth of a human being is attached to their appearance. If only she could care less about what others think about her, she would be a much happier person. This’s the reason why her failures are connected to trying to please others. In addition, food and cigarettes are used as coping mechanisms every time she’s stressed.
    Bridget suffers from low self-esteem; therefore, she is an easy target for narcissist men like Daniel Cleaver. Lastly, in my opinion, Bridget is a fake feminist because she uses the feminist and independent woman card only when feels rejected by men.


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