British Soc & Lit I: Blog Post 1 (Chaucer)

“The Miller’s Tale” & “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” from Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1386)

Blog posts due: Thursday, March 21

Write a post here of two paragraphs (about 200 words) discussing “The Miller’s Tale” or “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.” Choose one topic, or make your post a reply to someone else’s post.

  1. Is the Miller’s Tale disgusting or offensive, or just silly? Why might people find it funny?
  2. Do you feel sorry for John the husband, or does he get what he deserves?
  3. Everyone in the Miller’s Tale is punished in some way, except for Alison, who does what she wants. Is this true, or fair?
  4. Is there some kind of moral lesson in the Miller’s Tale?
  5. What is either story saying about love?
  6. What is the Wife of Bath saying about marriage in her tale?
  7. Do you agree with the Wife of Bath’s logic or arguments? Do they make sense?
  8. Although the Wife of Bath wins over her husband, he is still technically a rapist. Is he a sympathetic character? Do you like him?
  9. Is Alison or the Wife of Bath a stronger woman? What do you think Chaucer thinks of women in these stories?

2 thoughts on “British Soc & Lit I: Blog Post 1 (Chaucer)

  1. HaeRi Seo

    3. Everyone in the Miller’s Tale is punished in some way, except for Alison, who does what she wants. Is this true, or fair?

    In the Miller’s Tale, everyone such as John, Nicholas, and Absalom are punished in various ways. For example, because of John’s jeaslously to Alison, he is punished by being deceived from Nicholas and Alison’s tricks, that the flood of Noah is coming, and in the end he is eventually considered crazy in the town. Nicholas got his bum burned because he flirted with Alison and that he tried to make fun of Absalom’s love. Lastly, Absalom kissed Nicholas’s bum because of his desire to kiss Alison even though she didn’t want to.
    As a result, all of the characters in this tale except Alison got punished, and I personally think that this isn’t fair. Even though Alison was married to John, she had an affair with Nicholas and also agreed on the tricks to run away with him. She even made fun of Absalom even though he loved her. She has done all of the things in the way she wants. I think she should be definitely punished.

  2. Kim minji

    In my opinion, “The Miller’s Tale” is silly, but quite clever story. Because, the story that has love, kind of dirty, and humor in the end is always popular of all ages. It is an old story, so there’s some stimulating source in it, but it’s structure is similar to these days’ drama.
    People can laugh at carpenters silliness, or they might find fun at a scene that Absalom, kiss to Alison’s butt. Or they might laugh when Nicolas’s butt wounded by agricultural implement. People always like stimulate story that gives them pleasure. Especially silly one. It might be a guilty pleasure, but people still love it.


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