Shakespeare: Sonnet Project

Write a six-line sonnet in Elizabethan sonnet format: abab cc. Each line should have ten syllables. One sonnet per group. Upload your sonnet here and we’ll read them in class next week.

7 thoughts on “Shakespeare: Sonnet Project

  1. Group 4

    Typical Love Sonnet

    You Made my heart full with Adrenalin
    Poor boy, I did not mean to make you high

    You kept me from sleep cause you excitin
    How pity, wish I didn’t make you sigh

    Just for tonight, I could make your mind full
    So, do you have enough cans of Redbull?

  2. Song Yoohyeong

    I wish you have got your ticket to fly.
    You may think I’m a liar to say this.
    Yet you will realize I to you don’t lie.
    I’m sure you’ll see what gives to you true bliss.
    Because we go to Ireland tomorrow.
    There we will throw away all our sorrow.

  3. Yoo Jieun

    Without resistance ordered came to close my eyes and sleep
    Awaking temptation for study is useless for devilishness is sandman
    No time nor place does he not come or slip
    Forgetting to rise and missing stations makes you a silly-man
    When sandman comes without doubt time cuts out to space
    Trying to be awake I want to close my face

  4. Cho Gun Hee.

    You’re like the poem that I’m writing,
    May wonder why I write like I’m fighting.
    We started from a sheet of blank paper,
    Beautiful with just white and black color.
    How cool you are, but you warm my heart.
    No more bars, you already are an art.

    (Group 1 – Cho gun hee)

  5. Bae Byunghyuk

    When I go school, then I have to move fast.
    Because I must not late the important class of school.
    When I move fast, I move like a swift rabbit.
    But I have to be careful during my fast movement.
    When I arrive school, I feel relax emotion at last.
    That is as long as I didn’t late my school.

  6. Group 6 (Bae Sung Wook, Kim Jae Hyun)

    The tent

    I have one habit that is weird
    It is building big tent in morning
    That tent is very strong and hard
    As if it is young man’s heart that beating
    As soon as we build , we break our tent
    But we can build it at any moment

  7. Group 2

    One small thing is inside of a tiny house
    The tiny house is filled with a lot of joy
    One small thing can’t be seen with the small eyes
    The tiny house is filled with great misery
    Happiness can slightly come to my mind,
    But I didn’t noticed it was happiness

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