Brit Soc & Lit 1 – Group 5 Podcast (Poetry)

Video podcast on poetry. Listen to the podcast on “To the virgins, to make much of time” and enter a question for Group 5 for them to answer. Make sure to identify your group number for credit.

2 thoughts on “Brit Soc & Lit 1 – Group 5 Podcast (Poetry)

  1. Lee Jimin

    Today, many people are dreaming “Live this moment with all your heart and no regrets.” which is a theme of the poem. So, what do you think is common between the background of this poem and the present era that led to this pursuit?

  2. Group 5

    Thank you for asking us first 🙂

    We think the background of this poem and the main thing in common with the present time is that ‘Time is limited.’
    Although the time when this poem was written would have emphasized the conservative side to women, among men and women, the present youth are busy solving the task of getting a job.
    The writer would have wanted to give advice to all young people, regardless of their age, to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime time and not to waste their youth,even if there were difficulties.

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