British Soc & Lit 1: Podcast (Dorian Gray)

Podcast onĀ The Picture of Dorian Gray. Listen to the podcast and enter a question for Group 7 for them to answer. Make sure to identify your group number for credit.

4 thoughts on “British Soc & Lit 1: Podcast (Dorian Gray)

  1. Kim Yejin

    Hi, we are group 2.
    To Dorian’s change, I don’t think it was only Lord Hanry’s fault. Dorian is like a blank paper, so anything could influence him. But in your podcast it sounded like if there wasn’t Lord Hanry, Dorian wouldn’t become evil. Do you think if there wasn’t Lord Hanry, Dorian would remain innocent and pure?

  2. Group 7

    Thank you for your question.
    We think that Dorian’s change is not only Henry’s fault,too. But As you say Dorian is like a blank paper, he can easily mislead by other person who is like Lord Henry. And If there isn’t Lord Henry, maybe Dorian still remain same. Because he just a pure guy before meeting Lord Henry.

  3. group 5

    Hi, our team enjoyed listening to your group’s podcast. However, while listening, we had a question to ask.
    Is Hedonism a bad thing? Why do you blame Lord Henry for influencing Dorian, telling him to seek pleasure and senastion? Our team thinks that it is actually Dorian’s fault since he misinterprets and wrongly carries out what was written in the book (the Yeallow book).
    In fact, hedonism is not the one that is responsible for the blame. It is human’s basic instinct the pursuit the pleasure and intrinsic goods. It is acutally Dorian who is responsible for the blame; the man who leads many lives to death and misfortune.

  4. Heo Jae Eun

    Hi we are Group 4. Thank you for your pod cast.
    Do you really think Dorian want to change his mind when he writting a letter to Sibyl? Of course, He felt sorry to her, but it just for a moment. In the book, He felt already get forgiveness while writting letter even Sibyl get the letter.

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