2 thoughts on “British Soc & Mod Novels: Group 4 Project

  1. Da Young Lee

    I’m from group 5. I really like your blog. It’s interesting that your group chose to compare those three characters. I wanted to ask what led you to think that Bernard, John, and Helmholtz became friends. (as you wrote in similarities of the three.) Also, are there any other similarities you found of those three?

  2. Yoo Jieun

    I am group 3. First, I like how well organized your blog is.
    What I want to know is, how is this topic going to help understand the book better?
    You did a comparason between characters, that is well done but what is your conlcution? that is what I am not sure about.

    And I also want to ask why you did not put Watson (Helmhots) in the comparason.
    And also wht aren’t there any female characters(like Renina or Fanni)

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