2 thoughts on “Lucky Jim Blog: Group 8

  1. Lee Da Young

    Hi, I’m from group 5. Your blog is impressive, however, I have some questions for your blog. In the 2) Professor Jim and Welch part, I wanted to ask what made you think that ‘Jim is a compassionate man through the relationship between Jim and Professor Welch’. Also, in conclusions it’s said if Jim was a cold person he would not have responded to Welch’s invitation making up reasons, but I personally don’t think that’s the main reason. While that might be true to, I think he couldn’t refuse Welch because he had to protect his job. How do you think about this?

  2. Yoo Jieun

    This is group 3. Thank you for your interesting topic. The analysis about Jim and other character(such as, Welch or Margerate) was specific.
    This is more of a personal coment than a qustion. In the blog, it starst with explaling how Jim messes things up when he is drunk. Your last conclution is about wheather or not Jim can be a desiralbe friend.

    Well, if I had a choice to pick Jim or not. I would be glad to have him as a drinking buddy. The reason is simple. As a person who like spending her Firday nights enjoying coktales, it would be glad to have a friend who does not pass out faster then I do. With all the amount Jim drank at his presentaion, it seems like he is a heavy drinker. Plus, he was rude to his bosses but was funny to see as a 3rd person.

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