British Soc & Lit 2: Group 8 Presentation

Here is Group 8’s presentation on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

You can ask Group 8 questions about their presentation by clicking on the reply button here (remember to identify your group number).

2 thoughts on “British Soc & Lit 2: Group 8 Presentation

  1. Group2

    I think your video was very interesting 🙂
    You said about the stone’s importance in the novel and I have a question.
    If there isn’t a stone in the novel, do you think Harry can’t find relationship with friends and his ego?

  2. Group7

    I agree to want you said about the role of stone is to reinforce Harry’s relationship with friends, however, in our opinion, their relationship has been developing since Halloween night when Harry and Ron try to save Hermione’s life. There are many scenes that not related to the stone which help reinforce their friendship such as helping Hagrid get rid of the dragon or Hermione saving harry life during quidditch game.

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