Agua Loca (Crazy Water)

The crazy water recipe was given to me by Xavier and Diego, two exchange students from Mexico, when I lived in Coughlan House at MUN in Newfoundland in the late 90's. We had some good parties with a full batch of it, and it's fun to make. I will warn in advance that although it doesn't taste strong, one large cup equals about four bottles of Canadian beer in alcohol content. Yes, I know you can drink more than everyone else, and so on... but don't consume too much too quickly or you will hurt yourself. I am not encouraging binge drinking and take no responsibility for anyone making a trip to the hospital.

Two other notes: first, you can make a half or double batch depending on how much you need. One batch is enough for about thirty people. Second, don't drink the crazy water immediately after making it as it will smell unpleasant. It needs to sit for a few hours to mellow.


  • 4 litres of Smirnoff Vodka
  • 1 litre of white rum (sweet, preferrably Bacardi)
  • 1/2 litre of white tequila (Heravaura or substitute with Sausa)
  • 6 litres of red wine (sweet, the sweeter the better)
  • 6 litres of grape juice (natural, no sediment)
  • 6-pack of mineral water (cans or bottles)
  • 3/4 kilogram of sugar
  • Juice of 20 limes (green limes, no pulp)

  • Take 2 litres of water, mix in 1/2 kilogram of sugar
  • Add vodka
  • Add rum
  • Add tequila
  • Add red wine
  • Add grape juice
  • Add lime juice
  • Shake contents and taste. It should be sweet. If not add sugar to desired sweetness.
  • Add mineral water until 20 litres is achieved

  • Agua Loca should be made in a vat, tub or bath tub (clean first)
  • The sequence is important
  • It should be prepared at least 2 hours before consumption
  • It should be consumed with a full glass of ice
  • For a stronger mix, put all the alcohol in except the red wine. Again, handle with care.

  • Developed by biochemistry students at the University of Monterrey
  • Thanks to Diego and Xavier, the coolest cats south of the border!