My Attempts at Art

I don't wear a beret— my French is lousy— I don't have strange obsessions or a fiery temper— I'm not a raging alcoholic— I don't have some odd physical deformity other than everyday homeliness— man, I have the makings of a bad artist.

However, I have a web page and Toulouse-Latrec didn't. So there. Here are some of my creations over the years. Don't go looking for some esoteric statement on how it means man's existential angst or something; it's just for looking at. Oh, bidding starts at $1 million apiece (preferably in small bills, please).


0 & 1, 1995 Six Apples, 1982Disco Street, 1999 Don't Worry About It, 1992 Double Lawn, 2000 Macdonald Strait, 1999 Medicine Hat Valley, 2000 Flats Memories, 2000 Primal, 2003


Cartoons I've Drawn

When I was a boy I used to draw pads and pads of cartoon strips. For a while, my career goal was to be a cartoonist, until I eventually lost interest and I turned to more realistic occupations, such as Mars astronaut or rock superstar. Here are a few.    


August 1981
December 1981
February 1982
April 1982
June 1982
June 1987
Fall 1988