Your Horoscope For Today


If You Were Born Today
You are bright and precocious, considering that you are able to read your horoscope already.
Success is yours, Aquarius.  The Sun is in your house.  The moon is also on your bathroom door.  Beware of cheesy songs from the sixties claiming that this is your age.
Money matters will be in light today as you receive a clear sign that your university education will pay off: your mail will tell you that you may ALREADY be a winner.
Fame beckons, Aries.  For an automobile has been named after your sign.
You are very headstrong this month.  It will be impossible for people to change your mind once you have made it up.  You will have a brilliant career in the civil service.
Romantic affairs beckon today, as well as exciting financial and social opportunities.  It is too bad that you are at home doing chores all day.
You smoke too much.
Leo, You are a dangerous, risk-taking type who loves the thrill of coming through in the crush of stress.  This week you will discover that maybe being a librarian is not for you.
Expect darkness tonight, Virgo, until tomorrow morning when things get brighter.
You can expect tension from a difficult and demanding superior this month.  You must show that Libra grace, tact, and patience, until later this year when you get a better job and can firebomb her office.
There may be a chance that some things will perhaps happen to you, and they could possibly be good or bad, unless they aren't.  Be sure to ask for specifics and don't tolerate ambiguity.
This month you will excel in love, business, and your social life.  But only if you were born in 1982. Otherwise, this will be the living month from hell.
Capricorn, your mental stars are aligned. You are bright and perceptive, and will not be taken in by the fabricated hogwash of others.  So why are you reading your horoscope?