Ken’s KNUE Movies
These are short video films I made for my job at KNUE’s Intensive English Program for Korean teachers. With help from the instructors who work with me, I wrote, directed, and edited the films using Adobe Premiere and other graphics programs for special effects. As usual with anything I do, there’s a certain amount of cheese, but hopefully you can enjoy their low-tech look.

Be patient - these are large files! (110-185Mb)

The Koreatrix
April 2004Save

After the English teachers of Korea lose against the machine-like Dept. of Education, there is only a small resistance left to overthrow the grammar-based curriculum and to free the students from their artificial learning environment. Neo Young (Sandy Young) enters the Koreatrix to seek the advice of the Oracle, the architect of the Koreatrix, and the dangerous Merovingian, all for help facing the deadly Agent Smith (Ken Eckert).
One of the actors who plays an agent (Rick) is no longer with us after a motorcycle accident in May 2004 in Cheongju. This film is for him.
Survivor: KNUE
October 2004Save

Survivor: KNUE is a takeoff on the reality TV show where scheming instructors compete to stay employed at KNUE. Watch the instructors take on a homicidal photocopier, broken motorcycles, and impossible obstacle courses!
The Galbifather
April 2005Save

Aging Don Regione (Reg Hart) worries about his slacker son Colino (Colin McIntyre) taking over the family ‘business’ of preventing KNUE students from learning English. When the Don’s trusted assistant Kim Chee (Walter Foreman) betrays him, the Don sends Psychoteacher (Ken) and Briano (Brian Miller) on a ‘hit’ to preserve the family’s dignity.
The Incredibly Skinny Hulk
October 2005Save

In The Incredibly Skinny Hulk, a late-night ESL experiment goes wrong and American embassy fellow Tom Santos, when angered, gains superhuman strength. Loved by Karen Hansen and bedeviled by reporter Jack McPhart (Reg Hart), the Hulk tries to find a cure for his destructive monster within.
April 2006Save

In King KNUE, shifty Reg Black (Reg Hart) convinces Christina Langdale to star in an ESL video on KNUE Island. However, a monster (Brian Miller) abducts her, forcing the ship’s crew to battle primitive foes to save her. But when the monster is brought back to civilization he rebels. In the end, love for the beauty overcomes the beast.
Crouching Composition, Hidden Kimchi
October 2006Save

In Ken’s final KNUE movie, Won Ton (August Champlin) tries to leave his gangster past behind at KNUE but the Hand of the Chow Mein, led by Sze Shuan (Brian) kidnaps Karen and voodoos instructors to attack him. Allies Tiger Lily (Anna) and spirit guide Foo Young (Reggie) convince August to face diabolical Kung Pow (Ken) in a kung-fu-ramic wah-wah pedal showdown.